Opening or moving location, made easy with Immervox

As a growing and evolving business, you will likely seek to expand your current facilities, move or add more locations over time. The planning stage, no matter if your move is permanent and temporary, is the best time to engage us, Using our experience and timely planning from expert project managers, we make sure your business critical Internet, fixed and mobile phone services, WiFi, and Network are ready for use on time, every time.

What makes a smooth relocation?

Immervox have been assisting customers with office relocations large and small for over two decades. 

Our team of experts are on hand to assist you with all network and telecom related elements of your relocation. This includes:

  • Research, planning and coordination.
  • Costing and financial analysis.
  • Suppliers management and audits.
  • Staff assistance and training.
  • Free expert video consultations – if you have a challenge, we want to know!

Get ready for an amazing first day in your new office!

Managed end-to-end relocation with Immervox

In larger businesses a relocation requires extensive coordination with multiple teams and departments. If your premises move needs an extra pair of hands to manage smoothly, Immervox provide PRINCE2 certified project management services to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, or let us support you from the start and we can work with your team to hit your goals. 

Immervox specialist project management service has helped dozens of our customers leverage their relocation as an opportunity to revolutionise their telecoms and broadband. Our experts can oversee the planning, design, and implementation of all of our communications solutions. 

Here’s why so many of the customers we’ve assisted with relocations over the last two decades have found Immervox telecoms migration project managers so critical to their success.

Meticulous quality control and optimised costs

At Immervox we’re dedicated to quality standards, and in all of our projects we adhere to them rigorously. With an Immervox project manager at the helm of your relocation you can rest assured there’ll be no unanticipated expenses or cut corners.

A fast handover and efficient communication

We know that one of the most important factors in any successful office move is that your staff can get working as soon as they walk through those new doors. Our PRINCE2 certified project managers keep your staff informed of all changes, projected timelines, and ensure they’re competent with any new systems. With an Immervox PM handover and a return to BAU for your workforce is a swift and smooth process.

Experience on demand

Immervox PRINCE2 certified PM’s can be engaged in a variety of ways. A self-managed package may be suitable if your move is already managed and you need additional resource. Most often, our relocation projects enjoy project managers on a partially or fully managed basis, taking the helm of a project from conception to completion but still working closely with your team.

  • Call management

    Better call management means better customer service.

    Keep your calls running smoothly. Prevent misdirected calls, lost calls and interminable hold times and keep your customers happy.
  • Disaster recovery services

    Keep communicating, even during disaster.

    Disaster recovery is the area of security and business as usual operation planning, protecting a company from the adverse effects of a disaster and preventing the loss of critical business functions.
  • Improving efficiency

    Turn your telecoms into a tool for efficiency.

    Make your business – and your service – run smoother. Make efficiency savings and give your customers an exceptional experience.
  • VoIP services

    Make your move to VoIP without a hitch.

    VoIP can bring enterprise level telecoms to small businesses. Open enormous opportunity for remote and home working. Truly enhance business agility. But the move isn't always smooth. Unless it's handled by Immervox.
  • Business relocation

    Make your office move as smooth as possible.

    Immervox have assisted in hundreds of office relocations over 20 years. We can help with yours.
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