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SIM-only mobile solutions

SIM only - reducing the recurring cost of your mobile device estate, giving you control

Kitting out your entire workforce with mobile devices, especially Android or Apple smartphones, can be expensive. Separating the procurement of devices from your SIMs means you are in control and spend less. That’s why Immervox offer SIM-only contracts and packages for business, leaving you free to change provider, and keep your number, without being restricted by the cost of new hardware or being charged for services you aren't using.

Flexible and cost effective mobile solutions, no cost for unnecessary devices, end individual SIMs without termination charges.

A SIM only contract offers your business a completely flexible and scalable mobile service. As your business grows and develops so will the needs of your communications infrastructure. A SIM only solution allows you to upscale and add users to your business mobile plan without having to invest in new devices. 

Enhanced connectivity from your existing devices

You can leverage your existing devices and smartphones with a new SIM-only business contract. We’re able to provide SIM packages from any major network and ensure compatibility with any devices currently used by your business. Whether Android or iPhone, you can streamline your current business mobile costs without having to replace a single smartphone. 

BYOD allows your staff to use the tools they know

Training your employees to use new devices takes time, time that could be better spent on the productive and creative tasks you hire them to complete. A SIM-only mobile plan with Immervox enables your employees to succeed using the devices they’re most comfortable with. A BYOD (bring your own device) environment boosts productivity and staff confidence, whilst reducing training time and costs for ‘work phones’. 

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SIM-only mobile solutions with Immervox

Immervox have provided telecoms, internet, and mobile solutions for over two decades. SIM-only mobile plans remain one of our most popular services. Here are some of the reasons our customers keep Immervox as their business mobile provider year in, year out.

Flexible SIM-only contracts

Different teams in your business have different needs. We understand this, and so our fully featured, flexible packages can contain different contracts for different teams. Contract lengths can be as short as one month, and are available from one user to ten thousand. Because contracts aren’t device dependent you can match data bundles and features with users exact needs. Never pay for unwanted bells and whistles again. 

Phenomenal coverage

Immervox are a vendor neutral supplier, and guarantee our customers the best possible coverage available in their area. Whether it’s with Vodafone, EE, or O2, we’re able to negotiate and secure your business the best possible deal on your mobile comms infrastructure without sacrificing call quality or signal strength. 

Expert customer service and guidance all year round

Immervox UK customer support help desk is staffed by our team of mobile, telecoms, and IT experts. Immervox customers can call for support, advice, and guidance, any day of the year. We’re proud to provide 24/7 customer care, guaranteeing it will always be one of the Immervox team taking the call.  

M2M (machine to machine) solutions

Thanks to the Internet Of Things, your workforce use and carry more wirelessly connected electronic devices than ever before. Immervox offer M2M solutions to add functionality to a whole range of devices. With an M2M solution you can track car location and milage, control office heating and hot water, and more besides. 

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