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Call Management

Enterprise Call Management Solutions from Immervox

Your phone system is one of your most essential business tools. With Immervox Call Management solutions you can maximise the business value of your employees work phones. With fully configurable and scalable packages, an Immervox Call Management solution is the best way to unlock the power of enterprise grade telecoms.

Call Management: more than answering machines and auto attendants

In the 21st century, a call management solution brings much, much more functionality than simple services like an auto attendant or answering machine message (although these fundamental features are of course still available).

A modern call management solution keeps your calls running smoothly and your workforce connected. Premium customer service is easy to deliver thanks to reduced hold times and safeguards against lost or misdirected calls.

If your business needs enterprise-grade call management to unlock the power of your phone systems the Immervox team are available to help you create the perfect bespoke solution.

Benefits and features of modern Call Management with Immervox

There are many functions, tools, and features available as part of your bespoke Immervox Call Management solution. Immervox customers enjoy a fully scalable and configurable service that contains any number of the following benefits:

Smart routing

Instantly adapt to high call volumes, downtime and outages, or staff shortages with smart call routing. Smart routing easily routes inbound calls to alternate lines and locations both on and off your network, ensuring your valuable customers can reach your business no matter what.

Tailored call plans

As an Immervox customer, you can build an unlimited number of call plans. Plans can be modified instantly as the need arises, allowing you to schedule call routing, handling, preference, and divert options well in advance.

Call Analytics

Collect statistics and call data with Call Analytics. The call and phone use analysis enabled by modern Call Management solutions enable you to make informed management decisions and model your plans based on accurate, reliable data. 

Intelligent Call Queuing

Manage busy periods easily with Intelligent Call Queuing. Live statistics and analysis allow you to make informed queue management decisions, making sure you can divert to alternate locations or switch to voicemail before lost or misdirected calls damage your customer relationships.

Auto Attendant

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and Auto Attendant make inbound calls the perfect platform to relay crucial information to customers and give them control to direct their calls. 

Call Recording

Compliance, auditing, and customer service regulation are made easy with Call Recording functionality. Immervox Call Recording services make use of secure file storage at one of our UK based Tier-3 secure datacentres. Comprehensively search, access, download, delete, and replay recorded calls from the comfort of your browser.

Call Whisper

Call Whisper lets your staff know whose calling before the conversation begins. Ensure your responses to customers and clients are tailored, consistent, and never feel like a second priority. 

Voicemail Management

With Immervox Voicemail Management you can pick up, share, and archive voicemail remotely via email or our online portal. Voicemail Management services make sorting messages, maintaining records, and keeping audit trials easy and stress-free.

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