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Cloud Backup

Protect your data and business continuity with Immervox secure cloud backup services

Immervox provide secure cloud backup services for businesses and public sector organisations across the UK.

Secure backup and disaster recovery

Cloud backup (also known as remote backup) safeguards your business against data loss. Immervox backup services automatically store your valuable data and documents in a secure, off site UK Tier 3 data centre. Cloud backup with Immervox, whether for enterprise or the public sector, enables swift disaster recovery at the times that it’s most crucial.

What is cloud backup?

Data loss is one of the most damaging worst-case scenarios facing businesses and public sector bodies in the 21st century. 

Cloud backup mitigates the risk of data loss by remotely storing copies of your data in a secure, off-site location. If copies of data aren’t kept off-site, equipment failure or accidental damage could mean highly valuable documents and information are lost forever. 

A cloud backup system is automated. It requires no extra work from your IT team after the initial integration. Once installed you can relax knowing that you have a robust, cost effective safeguard in place.

Your organisation will face many challenges. Immervox Cloud backup ensures data loss isn’t one of them. 

What Immervox cloud backup means for your business

Secure backup at optimised costs

Immervox cloud backup solutions are much cheaper for businesses than building and maintaining in-house backup systems. Our competitively-priced cloud backup packages off scalable backup at an affordable cost. 

Scalable safeguarding

Our automated backup solutions are fully scalable. Immervox cloud backup allows you to add more data and capacity to your data loss safeguarding as your needs and business grows.

Data protection compliant encrypted transfer

All data Immervox handle is encrypted to AES 256 standards as a minimum. We implement additional encryption during transfer and storage, meaning at all stages our cloud backup process is beyond data protection compliant. 

Accessible data any time of day, wherever you are

Whether it’s a minor mishap or major disaster, data securely backed up by Immervox is accessible remotely from any device. Immervox cloud backup services offer fast access to data stored in our UK based data centres no matter what the time of day or device you use. 

Streamlined processes

Immervox streamlined remote backup services ensure only files that have been changed are copied and stored by our automated systems. This minimises the demand on your internet connection, bringing full data loss prevention without massive bandwidth demands. 

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