8th January 2016

APP Wholesale PLC

The client 

APP Wholesale is the largest independent distributor of heating and plumbing equipment in the UK. A longstanding client of ours, we provide APP with Multi-Voice and Data connections using third party infrastructure.

The challenge 

To improve connection efficiency, APP Wholesale migrated one of their existing ADSL broadband connections to an FTTC Fibre connection. This can be a complex process and requires careful co-ordination of multiple third parties.

More often than not, one organisation will experience an issue that can lead to delays. In APP Wholesale's case, they were left without internet at all. When the switch of internet connection was made in the network, the company responsible for the on-site infrastructure had failed to complete the installation correctly.

The solution 

We had been continually monitoring the system on the day of migration, and so were immediately alerted to the problem, and quickly took action to bring together all the suppliers and restore APP's connection.

Once up and running, we continued to work closely with the client to ensure everything was optimally set for APP's specific requirements.

What the client said 

APP were so pleased with our service they sent our Client Service Specialist, Carly Standley, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

“Thanks for going the extra mile with APP Wholesale at Portsmouth.”

Jon Doyle, General Manager & Internet Sales Development, APP Wholesale  

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