8th January 2016

Jaguar Espresso Systems

Turnkey communication re-location.

The client 

Jaguar Espresso system is one of Europe's premier suppliers of professional coffee making equipment, maintenance components and accessories for the barista. Its motto is “Reliable, Fast and Friendly Service” making their communications system integral to their business.

The challenge 

The company were moving to a larger premises and needed their communications system – an Avaya IP500 phone system, originally installed by us – to go with them. With a motto of “Reliable, Fast and Friendly Service” it was essential they experienced as little downtime as possible.

The solution 

We provided a complete turnkey service: they left everything with us on Friday evening, and turned up to their new office on Monday with everything already in place – and not a single call missed.

On the weekend of the re-location, we de-installed the system and transferred it to the new location, re-installing all hardware and updating the software accordingly. We managed multiple parties – Jaguar Espresso's IT company, the infrastructure owner (BT) and the moving company – to ensure everything was timed correctly and all the details were correct: all the way to call extensions and desks matching up.

What the client said 

“Immervox took care of absolutely everything. The phone system move was fast, efficient and flawless. If we had to deal with all the different parties involved the phone system move would have taken up valuable team time. Instead we could carry on with our work, serving our customers, and leave Immervox to do what they do best which is to ensure we remain connected to our customers at all times.”

Adrian Davies, Operations Manager, Jaguar Espresso Systems 

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