Social Responsibility

We place great importance on responsible business practices

At Immervox, we know that “giving something back” is of huge importance. It is a key part of our company philosophy to promote and support local charities and communities, whilst also actively managing our environmental impact. 

Our Social Responsibility Commitments & Policies are built on four pillars; Social commitment; Charity partners & local communities; Environmental protection and Equality and diversity.

We have first-hand experience that “giving back” not only helps improve the local community but is also the best form of team building activity we have yet to find. Our team take pride in their involvement in helping local charities.

We recognise the impact our operations and activities can have on the environment; we aim to protect and improve the environment for the benefit of all.

We embrace being an equal opportunities employer, valuing people as individuals with diverse opinions, cultures, lifestyles and circumstances. We are committed to fostering and maintaining an equality of opportunity, providing a service that follows practices which are free from any form of unfair and unlawful discrimination. 

You can download the complete Social Responsibility Commitments & Policies document here.

Charity partners

Each year we make many donations, in the main to our chosen charity partners in the form of monetary contribution, hardware donations and donation of specific items as required.

As a result of our commitment to “getting involved” in our community at a local level Immervox designate up to two working days a year, encouraging participation and allowing our whole team to volunteer within the local community, via our chosen charity partners.

In our experience, time is the greatest asset we can supply to support charities and local communities.

For more information about our support for our chosen charities, please visit our partner pages:

Essex Wildlife Trust

Hamelin Trust