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End-to-end Unified Comms Implementation

Unified Communications and Collaboration: end-to-end UC implementation for business

Unified communications has enabled dozens of our customers to communicate and collaborate like never before. At Immervox we’re dedicated to bringing the power of 21st century collaboration to businesses across the UK. From initial consultation and design through to installation, deployment, and operational customer support, we’ve worked with dozens of companies like yours end-to-end on business-redefining UC implementations.

With you from design to deployment on your Unified Comms journey

Many business owners and leaders we speak to are keen to bring the benefits of Unified Communications and Collaboration to their business. However, many of them find the prospect of implementing an organisation-wide UC solution a daunting prospect. This is especially true for larger companies and those based across multiple sites.

Implementing a Unified Comms solution (and the hardware and infrastructure to support it) doesn’t have to be a challenge no matter the scale of your business. Whether it’s to enhance the working lives of 100 or 10,000 staff, the Immervox team is available end-to-end on your implementation journey. From network design and service procurement through to hardware installation and staff training on new systems, we provide a dedicated service that removes the obstacles standing between your business and full unified comms functionality.

Getting your business and infrastructure ready for Unified Comms

Unified Comms solutions offer unparalleled business values returns. Investment in dedicated multi-channel communications services that integrate features of messaging, email, voice calls, and video conferencing (to name a few) will usher in a new era of collaboration and potential for your workforce. Making sure your business has the hardware and infrastructure in place to support a Unified Comms platform is your first step towards unlocking the value of UC&C.

Current infrastructure discovery and assessment

Unified Communications technologies bring limitless potential for productivity and collaboration. However, they also need a stable internet connection and robust network to be used effectively. Before designing your solution one of the team will perform a full discovery and assessment of your current infrastructure. We’ll isolate any weak points, advising where your on-site networks and hardware could lead to bandwidth limitations or other connectivity issues.  

Requirements gathering to assess staff equipment needs

The team will also assess the functionality your staff need from a Unified Comms solution. As well as running a requirements-gathering consultation, we’ll also assess the kit and equipment they currently use. If we spot any areas where current tools are going inhibit the effectiveness of your UC&C platforms and services we’ll advise on cost-effective alternatives.

Immervox as an end-to-end implementation provider for unified comms

End-to-end Unified Comms implementation, the Immervox way

Once we’ve worked with you to identify the necessary features of your Unified Comms solution, and have provided a clear image of your current comms ecosystem, the team will begin getting everything in place to make UC&C functionality a reality for your business. 

Whether it’s for simple guidance or a fully managed implementation, at Immervox we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the end-to-end assistance they need to bring cutting edge Unified Comms solutions to their business. 

PRINCE2 implementation project management

At Immervox we know the value of effective project management. That’s why our PRINCE2 project managers are available to oversee your implementation end-to-end. Whether that’s as a full on-site presence, or simply coordinating your IT teams project workflows, we can provide an experienced pair of hands to get your implementation delivered on time and on budget. 

Service, vendor, and equipment procurement

Immervox has been a known presence in the IT, telecoms, and ISP sectors for nearly three decades. We have close relationships with national and global suppliers across all spheres of technology. Whether your solution requires new hardware, new software, or engaging 3rd party services, Immervox can negotiate on your behalf to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your business. 

Design and installation of your UC-ready infrastructure

The Immervox team includes experienced solutions architects, network engineers, and IT professionals. No matter your sector we’ll be able to handle all technical aspects of your Unified Comms implementation. This includes network design, installation of new devices or hardware, and installation/set-up of new software on your systems. 

UCaaS with unrivalled 24/7 in-house support

Many of the customers we help to get UC-ready continue to engage us as their Unified Comms as a Service (UCaaS) partner. With an Immervox UCaaS solution you can enjoy the power of enterprise-grade Unified Communications as a single package, scalable and configurable from a single browser window. What’s more, our UK based in-house customer helpdesk is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. No matter when you call you’ll know the person answering is an Immervox expert based at our office, rather than somebody in an off-shore outsourced contact centre. 

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