Major Service Outage 25/05/2023 - Cleared.

The issues seen earlier have now been cleared. Services should now back up and stable. The network are investigating the cause and will endevour to ensure this issue does not happen again. If you are still experiencing issues then please contact our CS team


Engineering Services

Phone system and cabling engineering, arranged and supplied by Immervox

Telecoms and connectivity hardware and cabling is an essential infrastructure component of your business. Without them it wouldn’t be possible for your organisation to operate. Whether you need a new phone system or cabling installed or maintained, Immervox can arrange for a skilled and experienced engineer to get the work done as soon as needed.

Phone System and Cabling Engineering: an essential Professional Service

At Immervox, connectivity and communication is at the core of our business. For nearly three decades we’ve provided the infrastructure and services that keep hundreds of UK businesses running every day. None of the solutions or services we provide would be possible without our skilled network and telecoms engineers. 

At Immervox we provide a wide range of services, solutions, and technologies. None are as fundamentally essentially to business continuity and success as the engineers that install and maintain them. That’s why we only work with the best and most technically adept engineers available, ensuring that no matter the task your business is back to BAU as soon as possible no matter the task.

Phone system and cabling engineers deployed UK-wide

No matter your location we’ll be able to deploy one of our expert Immervox engineers to your site. Whether it’s for maintenance, installation, or improvements on your phone system or network cabling we’ll supply a peerless level of service.

Phone System and cable maintenance

Our engineers are available for any maintenance and repairs on your phone systems and network cabling. No matter the hardware we’ll be able to supply a technician with the expertise necessary to get your business back to full operational capacity.

Optimisation, adjustment, and improvement of existing infrastructure

Sometimes you don’t need to make big changes to see large improvements. If your existing phone systems or telecoms infrastructure could be enhanced with a few simple configurations our engineers can carry out the necessary adjustments to maximise the effectiveness of your existing system. 

Fast cable repairs and installations across multiple network types

Whether it’s through accidental damage or general wear and tear, all network cabling will need repairing or replacement at some point. There will also be the times when your business will need new cabling laid to expand the network (or build a new one completely). Regardless of the scope of work and materials used, an Immervox cabling engineer is available for your business. This includes for fibre networks (FTTC, FTTP etc), LAN/WAN, copper and ISDN line replacement, and CAT5/CAT6 & CAT6e cabling.

Building and installing new phone systems 

We’ve been with many of our customers since the earliest years. We have built and installed the very first business phone systems they relied on, providing the telecoms infrastructure that allowed them to succeed in those crucial initial phases of their business lifecycle. If you need a business wide phone system designed, built, and installed from scratch, the Immervox team of expert solutions architects and phone systems engineers are ready and available as soon as needed.

Benefits of Immervox engineering services

Why our customers put their trust in Immervox Engineering Services

Your phone systems and network infrastructure are essential. Your business cannot function without them. Any 3rd party you entrust their upkeep to is taking on the responsibility of maintaining the continuity of your business. At Immervox we understand this, and that’s why we’ve spent the best part of three decades providing an unparalleled service that puts the success of our customers business at the heart of everything we do. 

24/7 emergency engineer response and customer helpdesk

Your staff may only be during working hours, but your network and phone systems have to function around the clock. Any issues with them need to be resolved immediately. As we all know, the worst rarely happens during normal business hours. Our engineers are available for emergency response 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What’s more, our in-house UK based customer helpdesk is manned every day of the year, including bank and national holidays. The Immervox team are always available when needed, no matter how unsociable the hour. 

Efficient problem solving from peerless industry experts

We never compromise on the value of our service for our customers. That’s why every Immervox engineer is an industry expert with years of experience under their belt. For all but the most complex issues we’ll be able to get your business back up and running with minimal downtime thanks to the unparalleled knowledge and skill levels of every member of our team. 

Customer-focused service above and beyond a standard maintenance agreement

At Immervox we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers. Whether it’s making systems changes or providing on-site training, our engineers provide an exceptional service that goes above and beyond what our customers experience from their supplier maintenance agreements. 

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