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Enterprise Business

Immervox: an essential 3rd party partner for your enterprise

Business and enterprise is a broad term, and yet this ‘sector’ is the cornerstone of the UK economy. Whether your organisation deals in sales, marketing, finance, consulting, or anything else office-based, you’re going to need a powerful technology infrastructure that can be managed at-scale for an optimised cost. That’s why Immervox are the essential 3rd party communications and connectivity partner for your enterprise.

Connectivity, communication, and business solutions to keep your business competitive

In the world of business and enterprise maintaining your competitive edge is crucial to continued success and growth. Falling behind other businesses in your sector puts you on a slippery slope leading to lost revenue, a diminished customer/client/user base, and frustration from staff whose efforts fail to yield results.

Your competitive edge is sharpened on your communication and connectivity infrastructure. In the 21st century your enterprise needs the most powerful, cutting edge solutions available to maintain your position in the market. Whether you’ve seen success in a B2B or B2C market, your customers and clients expect a premium service. Providing this isn’t possible with outdated or legacy technologies. 

As every successful business leader knows, poor tools make for poor workmanship no matter how skilled the hands of the craftsman. To be the best your business needs the best. At Immervox, this is exactly what we specialise in.

Enhanced enterprise solutions at any scale

We work with businesses of all scales at Immervox. Whether you’re an enterprise with 100-500 employees, or a global organisation boasting a 1000+ strong workforce, our team of experts can work with you to maximise the business value of your communications and connectivity infrastructure. 

Consultation and guidance at every stage of your business journey

Whether you’re a start-up upscaling to a larger office or a national enterprise opening a new national branch, Immervox are available for guidance and consultation. At every stage of your business journey we can provide solutions, services, and professional consultation. For dozens of customers we have been an essential partner from their earliest years as a locally trading business through to opening international offices. We put outstanding service and business value at the heart of every customer relationship we have. No matter where you are in your journey the Immervox team is ready to create a bespoke solution which can accelerate it. 

Dedicated expert service

Every member of the Immervox team is an expert in their field. Be it telecoms, cloud technologies, IT infrastructure, or broadband, they have an unrivalled level of knowledge and experience. Immervox have provided telecom, data, and professional services to UK businesses for nearly 30 years. We have cultivated a thorough understanding of how to leverage connectivity and communications to increase growth and revenue regardless of sector. Our customers enjoy round the clock access to our dedicated customer service desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. With Immervox as your communications and connectivity partner the answers you need are only ever a phone call or email away. 

Growth-enabling solutions

For our enterprise and business customers, growth is always a key priority. If a solution doesn’t enable and facilitate business growth it is of no value. We understand this because it’s true of our business as well. We bring the same drive for growth we apply in-house to every enterprise and business solution we provide. Whether it’s cloud, VoIP, UCaaS, or a professional service such as PRINCE2 certified project management, your Immervox solution will be built with growth as the goal.

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