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Enterprise VoIP Systems

Enterprise VoIP systems for large and global business

It’s not possible for a large, national or multinational organisation based across many locations to operate without a reliable phone system. VoIP phone systems have led to hundreds of global enterprises reducing their telecoms spend without sacrificing call quality or functionality. If you’re representing a global or blue-chip enterprise and require a large scale, high capacity VoIP system then Immervox are the 3rd party service provider you need.

Enterprise grade VoIP telephony: cutting the costs of traditional telecoms without compromising on quality

A phone system is perhaps the most integral non-human component of any enterprise. Global business at the scale we’re used to today is only possible thanks to employees, clients, customers, and other stakeholders being able to connect and communicate almost instantaneously. 

Since the days of fully staffed, manually operated switchboards, the large maintenance and upkeep costs of a competitive telecoms infrastructure was seen as a necessary expense. Even in our modern era where video conferencing and multimedia messaging platforms are the norm, the function of making and receiving voice calls is still the most essential.

Because of the costs involved with rolling out an entirely new phone system across an entire organisation, many large businesses opt to maintain legacy hardware, updating and replacing segments of the system only when absolutely necessary. This was the case for many of our enterprise level customers with large businesses based across multiple locations. 

Once they assessed just how much revenue would be saved with VoIP system, and how much less than a traditional telecoms system it would cost to implement and maintain, it was an easy decision to make the migration to VoIP.

The benefits of VoIP systems for national and multinational enterprises

The needs of SME’s and large business are incredibly different. Many proponents of VoIP systems will regularly talk about the business value a VoIP phone system brings to start ups and small agile organisations. 

What’s often not talked about is just how beneficial a VoIP system is to businesses at the large end of the scale. Especially for international businesses, a VoIP solution can completely revolutionise the value your business gains from the phone systems used by its employees.

Reduced maintenance costs of a PBX-free phone system

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This means that calls are routed and connected via your office router and all voice data travels over your broadband infrastructure. With a VoIP phone system expensive on-premise PBX hardware isn’t required. This includes the analogue cabling required by traditional business phone systems, as VoIP moves all data across your existing fibre, ethernet, or other internet lines.

Optimised pricing in scalable packages

Traditional business phone systems are difficult to scale. Adding or reducing the number of extensions in the network requires manual input, in many cases full on office construction and renovation projects. This forces large businesses to choose between paying potentially thousands for more extensions than they need, or keeping staff levels lower than is ideal to avoid expensive network expansion costs. VoIP systems can be scaled almost instantaneously. As long as a handset or USB headset and appropriate platform is available, users an be added whether individually or in bulk from a browser based management panel. Monthly costs can be streamlined and optimised to reflect the exact usage and needs of your business as each month passes.

Operate internationally without amassing astronomical call charges

If your business operates globally, international call charges can make a huge dent in your yearly revenue. As it does not rely on the PTSN (Public Switch Telephone Network), international calls through a VoIP network are much cheaper. For a large business this can lead to savings in the tens of thousands. Businesses save between 30%-50% on average by switching to a VoIP system, and the savings from cheaper international calls definitely contribute to this. 

Enterprise grade call quality from any location

A multi-location workforce isn’t just spread across a few office locations. Home working and remote teams are now the norm for the majority of global blue-chip organisations. With a VoIP system your workforce can access enterprise grade call quality from any workstation, whether it’s on-premise or at home. The risks of disruption to productivity and customer service caused by home based working and remote teams are a concern for any large business. VoIP ensures every conversation customers and clients have with your staff is crystal clear and connected quickly, no matter where the call is taken from. 

Immervox as a provider of enterprise level VoIP

Immervox: your trusted providers of enterprise-grade commercial VoIP services

Immervox have been trusted suppliers of communications and connectivity solutions and services for nearly three decades. We work with businesses of all sizes and sectors. Since our very first year internationally operating businesses that need large scale systems implemented have found the incredible value and dedication we offer as a Telecoms and Connectivity Partner.

We can create and implement VoIP systems for businesses sized anywhere from 100 to 10,000 users. We’ll ensure that your enterprise-grade VoIP solution provides enhanced functionality over your existing PBX whilst ensuring your service is delivered at a streamlined optimised cost.

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