We take our local environmental footprint seriously and understand that the natural environment is no different from our business environment; it needs management, care, expertise and effort. This requires support to happen.

In witnessing first-hand the amazing conservation work Essex Wildlife Trust accomplish; the whole team having enjoyed days out and walks in a number of Essex Wildlife Trust’s sites throughout Essex, the long term support and partnership with EWT is an obvious choice.

Immervox have supported EWT since 2011. In March 2014 we raised our support to the next level by becoming Gold members; to demonstrate our ongoing appreciation of the conservation work EWT conducts.

We are proud to be officially recognised as Investors in Wildlife.

Get involved

If you are keen to visit a EWT visitor centre or nature reserve to enjoy the conservation work Immervox are helping to support, visit Essex Wildlife Trust’s list of nature reserves.

If you are like us and are passionate about supporting your local wildlife and environment, please visit this resource to find out what you can do to help.

About Essex Wildlife Trust

Essex Wildlife Trust is the largest conservation charity in the county and one of the biggest of the 47 county wildlife trusts that work together throughout the British Isles as The Wildlife Trusts. The Trust has been protecting Essex for wildlife and people since 1959 and is working hard to restore, recreate and rebuild Living Landscapes, which will enable species and people to move through a wildlife-rich countryside. Without financial support from members and partners they would not be able to carry out important conservation work, nor inspire the people of Essex to cherish their wildlife.

Why join?

"There are plenty of great reasons but I’ll give you three. They are vocal, they are visible and they are value for money. The Wildlife Trusts are all about getting involved at a local level. Essex Wildlife Trust works within your community and is looking after wildlife in your backyard. That means you benefit from it, so show your support at a local level. You’ll be supporting the future, both of wildlife and of everyone in Essex – and in the whole of the UK, too.”

- Chris Packham. Broadcaster, Naturalist and a Vice President of The Wildlife Trusts