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Get Cloud Ready

Get your business Cloud Ready with Immervox

Cloud technologies have redefined the way business and enterprise uses technology. Cloud computing has enabled businesses of any size to access enterprise-level storage and hosted services in affordable, scalable packages. At Immervox help our customers ensure they’re Cloud Ready and primed to join the 88% of UK businesses currently using cloud services.

Enterprise Cloud Services: powerful technologies for the 21st century business

The number of possible uses your business could have for cloud-based technologies is limitless. Everything from data storage to entire virtual phone systems can be hosted hardware-free on a public cloud service. There is a reason that public cloud services amassed over £8.5bn revenue in 2020. The benefits of enterprise grade cloud solutions like Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) are too great to ignore no matter the size of your business.

Being ‘on the cloud’ gives increases revenue, streamlines processes, enhances productivity, and gives your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed. However, many business owners and industry leaders we speak to are unsure where to begin on their organisations digital migration to the cloud. With so many options available and considerations to take it can feel daunting, especially if the expertise that led to your success isn’t in a technical field.

At Immervox we’ve helped businesses from every sector get Cloud Ready. We’ve implemented the connectivity infrastructure that hundreds of UK companies are currently using to harness the revolutionary potential of the cloud. Whether it’s cloud services for 1 or 10,000 users, we’ll ensure you have the infrastructure you need to deploy them. 

How we’ll ensure your business is Cloud Ready

There are many considerations to take when creating a Cloud Ready infrastructure for any business, regardless of size or scale of service. Here are some of the ways the Immervox experts could upgrade your communications and connectivity infrastructure to ensure your business is ready for the Cloud.

Digital migration strategy and planning

The team of Immervox experts are all experienced in digital migrations to cloud services. We’ll work with you (or your IT teams if your business is large enough) to create a comprehensive digital migration strategy. We’ll also offer our expert advice and guidance throughout the creation of your implementation plan, bringing our nearly three decades of industry expertise to mitigate the challenges you may face. 

Discovery and assessment of your existing IT infrastructure and ecosystem

Part of creating a solution that allows brings the freedom of the Cloud to your business is understanding the systems it will replace and the functions they fulfil. We’ll run a full discovery assessment on your existing IT infrastructure. We’ll identify the components in your current ecosystem that are able to be replaced by a better cloud alternative, whilst ensuring your solution is compatible with the essential parts that remain. 

Bespoke network and infrastructure design to suit your business needs

Many organisations are still relying on legacy infrastructure and hardware at the beginning of their journey to becoming Cloud Ready. If the network your business relies on isn’t up to the task, our expert network engineers and solutions architects will design a new infrastructure that fits your unique requirements. We’ll ensure that every component, whether physical or digital, is fit for purpose and delivered at the most optimised costs possible. 

Multi supplier solutions from a vendor-neutral Cloud partner

As a 3rd party Cloud partner we’re vendor-neutral. That means that whether your cloud services are AWS, Azure, or GCP based we can create a bespoke solution that maximises their efficiency. We’ll make sure that every router, switch, modem, and cable is exactly what’s needed for your staff to enjoy a superfast connection to every Cloud service they need no matter the make or manufacturer. 

End-to-end PRINCE2 Project Management for digital cloud migration

If your business doesn’t have an internal IT team experienced in digital migrations you may need a knowledgeable pair of hands at the helm. Our Immervox PRINCE2 Project Managers are available for digital migration projects, whether it’s a hands on end-to-end implementation or workflow management near the end of the project life-cycle to ensure delivery is on time and budget. 

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