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High Capacity Data Options

High capacity broadband and connectivity solutions for your data-heavy business

At Immervox we have provided internet, broadband, and connectivity solutions for UK businesses for nearly 30 years. We understand that, for some businesses, even standard commercial-grade connectivity options struggle to meet their data-intensive requirements. That’s why we’ve been providing high capacity broadband and connectivity solutions for customers who more bandwidth than the size would suggest.

Beyond commercial broadband: enterprise grade connectivity to keep you competitive

For businesses in most sectors and industries the ‘standard’ commercial broadband, data, and connectivity options available comfortably meet their requirements. Whilst the bandwidth and latency requirements of business customers are far more than that of consumers, some organisations find many out-of-the-box commercial internet services still lack the power and capacity they need. This was the case for many of our customers, which is why we implement high capacity broadband and connectivity solutions that enable them to succeed no matter how intensive their data needs.

High capacity options for your data-hungry business

There are many superfast high bandwidth connectivity options available for your business. If you need an uninterrupted connection that stays in the Gbps the Immervox team can help you plan, implement, and manage a commercial broadband solution that delivers. 

Enterprise grade routers and switches

Many businesses rely on the routers and hardware supplied by their ISP as part of their broadband package. If your business has above average network and web traffic these out-of-the-box devices often aren’t fit for purpose. We’ll assess the data requirements of your business and find the most suitable enterprise grade hardware to match them. What’s more, we can deploy one of our expert Immervox engineers to install all additional hardware.

FFTC for reliable, superfast connections

FTTC is a popular and cost effective broadband option for businesses that need reliable superfast connections. Fibre-to-the-Cabinet uses existing lines to create a high bandwidth connection to the national network. Set-up costs are affordable, there is little to no maintenance required, and costs are based on a monthly rental fee that doesn’t scale with usage. FTTC is available in almost every part of the UK, and for many of our customers it has been an ideal replacement to legacy ASDL networks. 

EFM and Ethernet for business-class connectivity

If your business needs broadband capacity that goes beyond even that of FTTC, an Ethernet to the First Mile (EFM) solution could provide the power you need. With synchronous Upload and Download speeds across a non-contended service, EFM networks are ideal for businesses that require too much data to share a network. A full Fibre Ethernet connection can bring even higher speeds, with some networks supporting an incredible 10Gbps. 

MPLS for uncontended connectivity across multiple sites

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) allows for uncontended speeds of up to 10 Gbps across multiple sites. Even if your business has an office on every continent, an MPLS based solution will ensure that no matter which location your staff are based they have access to a reliable, superfast internet connection. 

Immervox Benefits

Why choose Immervox as your data and connectivity partner?

The Immervox team has been implementing superfast high capacity broadband solutions across the UK for nearly three decades. As business connectivity specialists we understand why your business relies on its internet connection more than the average commercial user. Our team of experts have worked with hundreds of businesses just like yours, and are perfectly positioned to help you meet the connectivity challenges faced by your data-heavy company.

If you’d like to know more about which of our high-capacity solutions would best fit your business, or simply want to know the maximum speeds available in your area, give the Immervox team a call today on 0333 006 9700. Alternatively you can register your details and one of the team will be in touch to discuss how Immervox can bring your business the connectivity it needs. 

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