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Hosted VOIP for Business

Hosted VoIP services for business with Immervox

Unlock flexible, fast, and feature-filled telephony with Immervox’ unique Hosted VOIP solutions for business and enterprise.

The power of Immervox enterprise and business hosted VoIP services

Immervox VoIP solutions remove your business dependence on expensive telephony hardware. By moving to a Voice over Internet Protocol service with Immervox you’ll never again be limited by your phone systems.

Our Hosted VoIP services are scalable, manageable, and above all endlessly configurable. Immervox hosted VoIP is perfect for new and existing enterprises of any size. Whether you need to keep your sales floor on the phones, or ensure your remote teams are reachable come rain or shine, the Immervox hosted VoIP service could be exactly what you need.

Your organisation will face many challenges. Immervox Cloud backup ensures data loss isn’t one of them. 

Immervox hosted VoIP for business: why it’s the right VoIP service for your organisation:

    Immervox hosted VoIP packages are configurable, scalable, and can be managed from any device via our easy to use web portal. With Immervox hosted VoIP, control of your communications is kept in your hands.
    We ask for £0.00 upfront from our new customers. Aside from a small monthly rental fee, your hosted VoIP solution costs only as much as the services and capacity it includes, adjusted month-by-month.
    At Immervox we know that ease of use is one of the key concerns of our customers. Your workforce will have varying levels of technical competency, so a system that’s too complex for the average employee creates more problems than it solves. Immervox hosted VoIP services allows users to make and manage calls with intuitive and user-friendly desktop, mobile, wallboard, and receptionist console software platforms.

Immervox hosted VoIP for business: a comprehensive IP voice package at a streamlined cost

A fully managed solution

Immervox hosted VoIP services for business are fully managed solutions. No on-site hardware or software is needed, saving both time and costs for installation and maintenance. 

Self-management savings available

Is your IT team fully capable of managing your VoIP and comms infrastructure? No problem. Many of our customers have highly capable IT and tech teams who work in partnership with the Immervox service team. Our level of involvement in your day-to-day operations can be as hands-on or hands-off as you need (and we offer reductions, savings, and cost scaling to reflect this).

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