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How artificial intelligence could help your business right now!

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is fast becoming one of the most exciting developments in our increasingly connected world. Technology with the ability to problem-solve, learn, reason and generally mimic human behaviour offers limitless potential when it comes to improving the world around us.

While it sounds like the tech of the future, AI technology is more prevalent than often realised – you may even be using it in your business without even knowing! When it comes to IT, telecoms and connectivity, AI use is at an all-time high, especially in the war against cyber criminals.

AI and cyber security

With its ability to analyse huge datasets in a fraction of the time it would take a human brain, AI holds significant potential for detecting fraudulent activity. The learning capabilities of such tech means it can track, identify and learn behaviours consistent with fraud and cyber-attacks, meaning malicious actions can be averted proactively, responded to more rapidly and even automatically resolved – self-adjusting over time as it learns.

Many cyber-security solutions, including Acronis Cyber Protect,  already use AI-based behavioural detection engines to stop malware, ransomware and other potential security threats.

Networks that run themselves

Building self-optimising networks (SONs) is another way the telecoms industry is embracing AI technology. A network designed with automatic monitoring by AI algorithms can not only detect network anomalies, but accurately predict such irregularities.  And since it learns, overtime it can proactively self-adjust, optimise and reconfigure the network to increase stability and performance, reducing network downtime and maintenance.

AI algorithms are essential for proactive and prompt network maintenance, but by discovering patterns in historic data, machine learning can accurately predict possible failure points and fix issues before they occurs, embedding a predictive maintenance modal.

Network optimisation can also benefit from machine learning, in that AI algorithms can monitor network usage and analyse historic data to prevent overload, predict patterns in future usage and respond accordingly.

Smart decision making

The abundance of data affords artificial intelligence a real opportunity to enhance how businesses operate and make decisions. Using AI to analyse data, and then using that analysis to inform decision making could save businesses incredible amounts of time and money. Augmented with the knowledge and experience of staff, and businesses could be unstoppable!

Self-service culture

One of the most commonly known uses of AI is that of customer service. The emergence of conversational AI, aften known as a Chatbot or virtual assistant, has revolutionised how businesses can respond to customer enquiries and requests. Customers are no longer subjected to long waiting times, restricted to office hours, to speak to someone about a simple query. Although these is still a need for human interaction for a potentially complicated enquiry, a Chatbot can provide uninterrupted, 24/7, service to deal with simple queries quickly and on mass.

Plus, since the AI algorithm continues to learn, the nature of queries dealt with will continually grow and develop, helping to generate self-service culture, with the customer in control.  

If you’d like to explore more about implementing AI in your business, reach out to our experts who would be happy to discuss with you.

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