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How EduTech Is Revolutionising How You Teach

Education & Technology – What’s the link?

The education of our younger generations has always been a priority for humanity, and it is unlikely that this is to change in the foreseeable future. As humanity has developed over the years, so too has education – in its format, its delivery and its content. The technological revolution in the last 30 years has seen a huge advancement in teaching methods and the overall possibilities within education. The potential for new educational opportunities with future technologies is perhaps impossible to comprehend for us now, but the prospect is, frankly, truly exciting.

Technology within education continues to transform our modern education system by reshaping the dynamic between students and teachers in schools; the recent coronavirus pandemic saw, for the first time in history, the majority of face-to-face teaching replaced with virtual learning. Applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams facilitated this process by staying ahead of the game and adapting to the changing environments the world saw during this unprecedented period. Without this educational technology, the education of our entire population would have essentially come to a halt with the bans on in-person contact. This offered teachers a new avenue to explore with their students for the informative exchanges that they were left to carry out.

The importance to students

In this ever-growing digital age, a failure to grasp basic technology skills poses a serious obstacle to our success in the field of employment; almost all jobs require interaction with technology on some level. Therefore, the implementation of EdTech and its continued development will be crucial to the younger generations of humans.

Technology is a powerful tool that can support and transform education in many ways, from making it easier for teachers to create effective learning materials to providing students with new ways to learn and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Technology in schools

Educational institutions across the UK are, one-by-one, adapting to the changing world and beginning to accommodate for the upcoming, technology-based model of education to encourage enhanced interaction and enable opportunities for deeper learning. The rate of growth in technology means that the systems we use are always improving and being replaced with new, better alternatives. The innovation in this sector will see an explosion of growth in opportunities and effective delivery of education.

Teachers and students need technologies that are easy to install, configure, manage and use, and also positively impact the unique teaching and learning requirements of each class, both in school and remotely. That’s where our services are unmatched. 

Final thoughts

Educational technologies have enabled students and teachers to keep up with the interconnected world we live in today; users can interact from their home, from another country or even from the comfort of their bed if they fall ill – this has proved invaluable in recent times.

Our education systems are often at the centre of criticism and controversy for being outdated, too standardised and just generally inadequate. We at Immervox believe that the future of education could be shaped away from these ideals with the effective implementation of EdTech within institutions across the UK to a positive end.

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