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How Telephone Systems Answer Productivity And Profit Demands

Across the globe – and in every sector of commerce and industry – the search is on to find ways to do things better, cleaner and quicker. Wasted money, time and other resources are the common enemy. The “holy grail” is to build a competitive edge and grow profitably.

These aims lead businesses of all types and sizes to create a “wish list” of technology objectives. These are the themes that could well feature in your organisation’s business plan – or possibly you’ve already ticked some of them off. Common business aspirations include improved and compliant data management, better data integration, increased connectivity and steps towards greater automation.

Could there be one pathway to create more streamlined business practices, that you have so far overlooked? If there is, it could well be unified communication.

Why unified communications?

Not surprisingly, most companies invest heavily in the machinery and software to grow their business. Some organisations do this, without putting enough emphasis on the way technology has revolutionised everyday communications. The power of emerging tech does not just drive warehouse improvements, slicker production lines, better financial management, customer profiling and the like. It also comes in the form of improving the efficiency of how you can talk to customers, suppliers and each other within businesses.

Unified communication groups together services such as telephones, messaging, corporate video presentations, conferencing and data sharing into one brilliantly designed piece of software. This system can then be accessed by a multitude of devices, that are used by your entire workforce, to communicate outwards too.

So far so good, but how does that improve your bottom line?

End to end business control

There is a good chance much of your interest and investment in new levels of connectivity is to provide end to end data flow and analytics. Companies are transitioning into digital workplaces, to integrate everything from inventory control to customer satisfaction feedback.

The emphasis is on being able to data share across your company, but also interrogate and analyse detailed information from any point in your business operations.

A unified communication system enhances this aim considerably

It’s like a virtual open plan office, that extends right across your organisation. Having quicker and more efficient communications breaks down “walls” between different departments and draws everyone closer together. It gets voice “intel” flowing more freely, as well as data.

Greater efficiency means higher productivity, which builds profit.

Upwardly mobile; and a moveable business benefit

One of the reasons for relying on the expertise of a company providing unified communication as a service is that the system and telephony you get doesn’t just grow with you, it goes with you!

Your telecoms become instantly scalable and can be updated swiftly. Then, if you move premises, you can effortlessly take the whole thing with you. No more starting again, setting up phone lines and making sure all equipment and connections are in place from day one. There will certainly be no chance of an office or factory move resulting in you having an interruption in communications processes.

That also means there will be no need to invest in buying new equipment or training staff if you upgrade or change premises. Think of the cost savings that can bring!

Risk management

This leads to another vital advantage of putting all your telecoms into one streamlined and controllable system – you are greatly reducing the risk of business interruption.

If you are not operating on a competitive knife edge, you are indeed a great rarity! For most modern enterprises, lost business hours can be disastrous, let alone whole days.

Unified communications ensure that not only will the lines of communication stay open (in any and all situations) but your security obligations are nicely boxed off.

The whole unified communication system is backed up by a high calibre data centre and cloud solutions. So even in the most disastrous of situations, your communications keep going with effortless reliability!

Unified communication offers a new level of fluidity and reliability, with all the compliance requirements provided as standard. Continuing to do business, means more chance to make profit.

Be constantly efficient, not engaged

What other productivity and profitability advantages are there, in commissioning unified communications? In a nutshell, it makes your customer service and staff collaboration more assured and reliable. A well-orchestrated telecoms system includes different default levels too. If for some reason one tool is unavailable, the rest of the system is there to compensate.

There will never be times when enquirers receive an engaged tone or get ignored. Nor will telephone callers get “lost”. When staff need to compare notes or ask questions, they can do so from anywhere in the world, in an integrated and effective way.

Closer staff collaboration is further enhanced by the way unified communication builds layers of easy workforce interface. Risks, threats and opportunities can be discussed in real time. Innovation often relies on intuitive communication and being agile enough the seize every opportunity. Your lines of communication will be open around the clock, which could increase both staff engagement and potential sales!

More action, on the go

Having well co-ordinated and properly mapped voice and data systems supports the modern trend towards not just remote working, but also being industrious on the move. With unified communications systems and protocols in place, offices can be in trains, planes and automobiles!

Using SIP trunking, your team can make or receive calls over the internet, literally opening up a “world” of opportunities. Whether they are in Barcelona, Bangkok or Bolton, they have instant access to contact with HQ, clients and suppliers.

Cash bonus of streamlining telecoms

This is possibly the most obvious answer to the question: how can unified communication make my business more profitable?

Having all your technology and systems in the hands of one carefully chosen provider is likely to save you money! A little extra benefit comes in the form of having only one invoice to deal with reducing admin.

Purchasing, maintenance and updating in one continuous flow avoids oversights and overlaps and offers economies of scale. Think of all the time you will save from trying to chase repairs or making sure that updates are achieved efficiently company-wide!

This all means spending less money going forwards, for a telecoms system that makes your communications more reliable and effective.

Particularly if you use an experienced provider with superb product range at affordable price points.

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