HV.Select from Immervox

HV.Select: feature-rich hosted voice solution from Immervox

HV.Select from Immervox’s is our fully cloud based, future-proof IP voice solution. Unlock enterprise-level functionality from your telephony at a flexible, streamlined cost.

Cloud based VoIP, the future of telephony and comms infrastructure

HV.Select from Immervox brings future-proof VoIP telephony to your business. With HV.Select you gain so much more than using a traditional telephone system. Our fully cloud-based VoIP service gives you an easier and more cost-effective way to manage all your telephony with an enterprise-grade range of functionality.

HV.Select runs on BT Wholesale’s high-resilience secure next-generation network, providing the full functionality of a high-end telephone system without the need for physical on-site hardware (PBX).

Enterprise level telephony accessible to all

Connecting to HV.Select is easy. All you need is a reliable, quality voice connection. At Immervox we believe that call quality is paramount, so we’ll ensure your broadband and ethernet networks are exactly where they need to be before implementing any cloud or VoIP solution.

Premium business communication at a streamlined cost

Our HV.Select hosted voice solution cuts the costs of your business communication needs. It comes fully loaded with a host of premium PBX features previously only available with high-end phone systems and expensive on-premise hardware. HV.Select unlocks the power of enterprise-grade telephony without upkeep costs or downtime for maintenance. 

Who is HV.Select from Immervox for?

HV.Select is suitable for businesses of any size with single or multiple sites. We can scale from home workers and very small single offices to multi-site networks, or indeed large corporate headquarters, providing seamless, reliable and easy to manage levels of functionality.

For businesses with multiple sites, we provide Ethernet circuits, to ensure optimum call quality, securely linked by our Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). HV.Select call traffic bypasses the public internet entirely, ensuring absolute quality of service for users.

The benefits of HV.Select from Immervox:

  • Generous monthly call bundle.
  • Competitive, simple pricing.
  • Simple and easy to use configuration portal to help you stay in control.
  • Growing IP phone compatibility portfolio to enable you to offer the latest technology to complement HV.Select.
  • Flexible contract terms to suit each customer’s business.

Why choose HV.Select from Immervox?

HV.Select from Immervox is our cutting edge cloud-hosted VoIP solution. With HV.Select you can make and received crystal clear calls without needing any extra hardware, any entirely hosted service that is fully customisable and rich in features. Here’s just some of the ways this will enhance your business:

Simple Pricing

We know how frustrating it can be when suppliers weigh you down with complex price models. At Immervox we like to keep things simple and transparent. HV.Select can be scaled in monthly per-user payments. We also include a comprehensive training course on using the program completely free of charge. 

 Telephony for a mobile workforce

HV.Select enables your customers to achieve an agile, mobile workforce allowing calls from multiple locations to connect to the same core network. With Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC), calls from your landline can be answered and transferred across multiple devices, from desktop to tablet to mobile, keeping your business communications flexible whilst staying connected and protected with built in business continuity and disaster recovery.

Enterprise-grade functionality

HV.Select is a feature-heavy service, offering a range of features as standard. Unlimited auto attendant, advanced hunt groups, UV Business, click to dial, and voicemail to email delivery are all included as standard. Additional available features include call recording and storage, UC Team conferencing, call analytics and enhanced reporting, GO integrator DB edition, and CRM integration. 

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