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We’d like our data backed up

Your critical data is essential to the continued success of your business. Ensuring your data is backed up protects your business continuity and mitigates the impact of disruptive events. At Immervox we provide automated data backup for hundreds of UK businesses.

Why you need to back up your business-critical data

Backing up your files and data is absolutely vital to the health and security of your business. If your data isn’t backed up any damage to your IT infrastructure can cripple your business. 

  • There are many threats to the integrity of your data
    Data security means more than protecting your data from hackers and malware. Hardware faults, user error, and unforeseen events like floods and fires can all compromise your business critical data (especially if the only place your files are stored is on site).
  • Loss of critical data can kill your business
    4 out of 5 businesses that experience a critical incident fail within the next 18 months. Inability to recover lost data and business critical files is one of the chief reasons for this. Automated data backup and to-the-day recovery are essential components of any robust disaster recovery or business continuity plan. 
  • Insecure data damages your reputation
    Data and files that are securely backed up are safe from loss in the event of a data breach. If your customers learn that their valuable personal information isn’t kept secure it can damage your reputation. The tech-savvy consumer of the 21st century expects their personal information to be safe and secure. Investing in data security, storage, and backup isn’t above and beyond in your customer’s eyes. It’s a bare minimum requirement. 

Why your business critical data isn’t secure without automated off-site backups

Data storage is a key concern of every modern business. As everything you do relies on technology, your data and files are the core of your business. If you were to lose them your business may never recover. 

  • Automated backup offers to-the-day recovery
    Automatic data backups can be run as a daily process. This means that, should the worst happen and you need to recover data and restore a previous version, the amount of lost productivity will be minimal. With automated data backup your data will be restored as it was at close-of-play on the previous day.
  • Human error is eliminated by automatic processes
    Traditionally data was backed up manually. This would either be done by your IT team, or an external backup service provider. Whilst this would work for the most part, human error could mean a missed or only partial backup. Automating the backup processes eliminates the risk of human error leading to your backed up data being missing or incomplete when you need it most.
  • Off-site storage protects your files and data
    On site storage allows you to manage the security of your data. FOr many sectors it’s a requirement, especially if your business handles confidential personal information such as financial or medical records. However, even the most secure on site storage racks aren’t immune to the effects of fires, floods, power surges, and other unforeseen disasters. Having off-site copies of your data adds an extra layer of security to your business critical data. 

Automated data backup with Immervox

Immervox have been trusted suppliers of managed data backup services for nearly three decades. If you need an experienced, expert team to keep your valuable data backed up and secure then we’re the data partners you’ve been looking for. 

  • Robust recovery safeguards, with encrypted transfer and storage as standard
    Our cloud based backup services keep your data encrypted to AES 256 as standard during transfer and storage. Your data will be housed in one of our secure, UK based Tier-3 datacentres.  Our recovery safeguards ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum whether you’re facing a minor setback or major disaster.
  • Streamlined processes at scalable, optimised costs
    The Immervox automated backup system is based on processes we’ve honed over years of experience, making them the ultimate in efficiency and scalability. We’ll only backup the data and files that have been changed, minimising the demand on your bandwidth and internet connection.
  • Peace of mind and new confidence
    With Immervox you can have the peace of mind that comes with fast access to recovery data, no matter the reason you need it. Our automated backups ensure you’ll never lose more than a few hours data. Our managed data backup services give you the confidence you need to push your business further than ever before. 

Why you should choose Immervox automated data backup service

These are just some of the benefits of choosing Immervox for your data backup and storage service provider. Our team are experts in their fields. No matter your sector we’ll be able to create a bespoke, robust disaster recovery plan that perfectly fits your business needs.

As well as cloud and data storage, we’ve specialised in telecoms, broadband, and IT solutions for almost three decades. We’ve been a trusted partner to over 600 businesses in this time due to our commitment to putting the needs of you and your business first.

Curious about the benefits of choosing Immervox? As an Immervox customer, you’ll have access to our full partner experience:

  • Scalable solutions.
    All of our solutions can be scaled in size with your business as you grow. We believe that progress should never become a barrier, and we ensure that for all of our customers it never is.
  • Flexible costs.
    Scale your packages to suit your budget. With contracts and packages scalable to use, we ensure you’ll never pay for more than you need.
  • Expert advice.
    Every member of the Immervox team, from sales to customer service, knows our services and products thoroughly. No matter who you speak to or when you’ll always have expert advice on hand for all of your queries no matter the size. 
  • 24/7 UK-based customer helpdesk.
    As we said, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service. We believe you can’t create a positive customer experience by outsourcing your helpdesk to a call centre. That’s why we have our UK-based customer helpdesk kept in house and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Trust-as-a-service.
    In our opinion, the most valuable product we offer is Trust-as-a-service. For us, this means being a trusted and honest partner for our customers. With Immervox you know you’ll always be getting the service you need and the most streamlined cost, without paying for unwanted bells and whistles. 

Give the team a call today on 0333 014 6220, or register your details with us online and one of the Immervox team will be in touch to discuss the first stages of building your bespoke Immervox solution.

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