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We’re moving location

Moving premises and office relocation can mean having to completely re-evaluate your network, IT infrastructure, and phone systems. That’s why at Immervox we’ve spent over 20 years helping businesses like yours get connected and ready to work on day 1 in their new location.

What you need to consider when moving location

Moving your business to new premises is more than finding a new location and signing a lease. There are dozens of considerations you need to take into account to ensure the move doesn’t disrupt your business continuity. 

  • Preserving your IT Infrastructure.
    Office layout and floor space have more impact on how our IT systems and infrastructures are planned than we realise. If your new premise is larger but doesn’t come pre-furnished you could find that decreased WiFi signal range/strength, lack of suitable storage for data racks, or even simply not having enough outlets or extension cords creates problems.
  • Keeping your phone system connected.
    Your new premise may be larger and in a nicer location, but does it have the same standard of cabling and connection to the wider UK network? If your phone system has been running on high-end fibre connections your call quality could drop when you move to a building with analogue copper cabling running throughout.
  • Additional work may be needed.
    All of the above may be reasons that cause additional work to be carried out in your new premise. When your IT and network infrastructure is concerned, moving location is never a simple case of plugging it in and turning it on. 

Why moving to a new location can be more disruptive than it needs to be

Moving location is always going to be a disruptive process. However, for many businesses, it’s much more disruptive than it should be. There are many easily avoidable pitfalls we see businesses fall into year in, year out. 

  • Lack of communication.
    Poor coordination and communication are one of the biggest setbacks to a successful business relocation. It’s important to know who to talk to, what to inform them of, and when to do it. Unfortunately, this is something that comes with experience, meaning many business leaders fall into this trap.
  • Unrealistic budgeting.
    Budgets and costing are always major considerations when planning your move. Many businesses try to keep costs as lean as possible. Lack of budgeting foresight and realistic planning can have disastrous consequences if unexpected costs appear further down the line.
  • Poor space planning.
    Floorspace and layout planning are vital to an obstacle-free first week in any new location. It’s not enough to set out some desks and hope for the best. You’ll need to do a full evaluation of your new premise, noting where network and power outlets are and planning your layout accordingly. It can be incredibly stressful for staff if they find they’re too far away from the router to get a satisfactory WiFi signal, for example.

Moving premises with Immervox

Immervox has been assisting businesses with relocations for over two decades. We’ll ensure that your relocation is as smooth and hassle-free a process as possible. We pride ourselves on our commitment to creating a business-ready premise for your staff from Day 1 at your new location. 

  • PRINCE2 certified project management for your office move.
    Coordinating a relocation for a medium or large business is no easy task. We can provide a PRINCE2 certified project manager to oversee and coordinate your move. With one of our Immervox experts at the helm, you can rest easy knowing that all your staff will be informed and aware of the coming changes, and that your relocation is in the hands of an experienced industry professional. 
  • Expert advice and guidance.
    We have a wealth of experience working with businesses in multiple sectors. We’ve been a source of guidance, knowledge, and expertise at every stage of their relocation. Whether you just need some advice or need a completely new network infrastructure designed and implemented in your new location, Immervox is here to help.
  • Streamlined costs for upgraded services.
    Many of our customers approach us for an office move and stay with us as their new communications and connectivity partners. Our team of experts can identify unnecessary costs or shortfalls in your current infrastructure, enabling you to use your move as an opportunity to reduce your monthly expenditure and bring faster, more reliable connectivity to your business. 

Why you should choose Immervox to enable your business relocation

These are just some examples of the ways Immervox can help your business relocate without any disruptive speed bumps or unforeseen challenges. 

As well as business and professional services, we’ve specialised in telecoms, data, broadband, and IT solutions for almost three decades. We’ve been a trusted partner to over 600 businesses in this time due to our commitment to putting the needs of you and your business first.

Curious about the benefits of choosing Immervox? As an Immervox customer, you’ll have access to our full partner  experience:

  • Scalable solutions.
    All of our solutions can be scaled in size with your business as you grow. We believe that progress should never become a barrier, and we ensure that for all of our customers it never is.
  • Flexible costs.
    Scale your packages to suit your budget. With contracts and packages scalable to use, we ensure you’ll never pay for more than you need.
  • Expert advice.
    Every member of the Immervox team, from sales to customer service, knows our services and products thoroughly. No matter who you speak to or when you’ll always have expert advice on hand for all of your queries no matter the size.
  • 24/7 UK-based customer helpdesk.
    As we said, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service. We believe you can’t create a positive customer experience by outsourcing your helpdesk to a call centre. That’s why we have our UK-based customer helpdesk kept in house and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Trust-as-a-service.
    In our opinion, the most valuable product we offer is Trust-as-a-service. For us, this means being a trusted and honest partner for our customers. With Immervox you know you’ll always be getting the service you need and the most streamlined cost, without paying for unwanted bells and whistles. 

Give the team a call today on 0333 014 6220, or register your details with us online and one of the Immervox team will be in touch to discuss the first stages of building your bespoke Immervox solution.

Nobody likes moving but our team are experts at relocating networks, IT infrastructure and phone systems.

Get in touch and let us take the pain out of relocation.

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