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Integrated Video and Messaging

Integrated Messaging, Calls, and Conferencing

Unified Communications is empowering collaboration in businesses across the UK. At Immervox one of the principle benefits of Unified Comms we’re asked about regularly is integrated video and voice calls, conferencing, and messaging tools. Immervox has been providing integrated UC solutions for dozens of our customers over the last decade, bringing the power of enhanced collaboration to businesses of every size and sector.

Business critical functions and services, integrated with UC

Your organisation relies on dozens of tools to operate day-to-day. They all add business value, and without them your company wouldn’t be the success it is today. However, managing these tools individually can be a huge drain on time, productivity, and revenue.

A Unified Communications and Collaboration solution optimises your business critical functions by providing a single service-oriented infrastructure. Your UC platform can cover any number of integrated functions and services.

Call Management and PBX-free Telecoms

Call management and control are integral components of many Unified Comms solutions. Integrated voice functions like click-to-call or click-to-conference make connecting to your most important calls simple and easy. Telecoms functionality can be provided without a PBX, using IP hosted voice services to keep your workforce communicating even without an expensive business phone system. 

Integrated Unified Messaging

Messaging platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, Slack, and social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have changed the way we use text to collaborate. A Unified Messaging solution allows your teams to access their message across all platforms from a single mailbox accessible from any device.

Video and Voice Conferencing made simple

With a Unified Comms solution video and voice conference calls can be made from the comfort of a browser or dedicated app. Video conferencing is becoming a daily feature of many UK professionals. An integrated video conferencing feature enables your staff to attend and host virtual meetings with ease, no matter their level of technical proficiency. 

Status and presence functionality to optimise workflows

Effective collaboration is the key to a smooth and productive workflow. Status and presence tools allow your team members to inform others when they’re at their desk, available for calls, or currently not reachable. Integrated automatic status monitoring can be bused to create dynamic rules from status and presence data, meaning that whether on or off site it’s easy to keep track of your workforce.

Unified Comms with Immervox

Getting your business infrastructure UC&C ready with Immervox

Unified Communications and Collaboration has revolutionised the way UK businesses are approaching their IT and telecoms services. The integrated features of a UC solution bring incredible business value. At Immervox we’ve helped hundreds of companies UK wide get their infrastructure UC-ready, offering expert guidance, support, services, and solutions at every stage of the journey.

A single point of contact for all your UC needs.

Whether your business uses integrated messaging, call management, or conferencing, Immervox can provide a single point of contact to manage all of your needs. Whether you need to add functionality, query a service issue, or simply want some impartial advice, the Immervox team provide a single point of contact to handle every UC&C requirement your business has.

Bringing Unified Comms ready infrastructure to your office

Integrated Unified Comms tools streamline as many business critical functions as needed. This can be anything from a merged email and voice mailbox through to a completely phone-system free voice network. However, as these are IP based services a strong, stable broadband connection is required. We’ve worked with dozens of customers to get their IT and telecoms infrastructure UC-ready. Whether it’s designing a new fibre network for your office, or facilitating new mobile contracts and devices that can support a data-heavy video conferencing app, our team of experts can build the infrastructure you need to unlock the power of Unified Communications.

Flexible and scalable integrated UC solutions to optimise costs

At Immervox we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Every Immervox Unified Communications package is flexible and scalable to suit your exact business needs. Functions and services can be added from the comfort of your browser, whether they need to be rolled out to 1 or 10,000 users. Our configurable solutions bring enterprise grade Unified Communications to your business without breaking the bank.

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