IT and Technology

High bandwidth connectivity solutions for the IT, Digital, and Technology sectors, from Immervox

The IT, Digital, and Technology sectors are worth at least £400m per day to the UK economy. These rapidly growing industries have been the business success story of the 21st century. As businesses in these booming sectors grow, their need for high bandwidth connectivity increases far beyond the average for their size. That’s why at Immervox we provide bespoke high bandwidth data and connectivity solutions that are perfect for any IT, Digital, or Technology based business.

Powerful broadband for the data-hungry Tech sector

Whether it’s a software development house, game developer or publisher, IT service provider, or an automated digital marketing agency, every tech-adjacent business has broadband and connectivity needs far above those of other businesses their size. Data is a constant need for attention whether your business is a global blue-chip or ambitious start-up. 

When your business relies on technology you can’t accept second best from your network infrastructure. You need the fastest speeds and a reliable, always-on connection. For businesses in the IT, Digital, and Technology sectors, network downtime can be a business-breaking major event.

As a tech-heavy business ourselves, we know just how important it is that your internet connection can keep up with your heavy workload. That’s why we’ve put our nearly 30 years of industry knowledge and expertise into creating bespoke high-bandwidth solutions for technical sectors that need the same above-and-beyond connectivity we rely on ourselves.

Superfast high-capacity connectivity with Immervox

No matter how demanding your data needs, the Immervox team can work with you to create a bespoke solution that delivers without breaking the bank. With uncontended speeds that stay in the Gbps range possible, Immervox are the expert data and connectivity partner your IT, digital, or technology business needs. 

High bandwidth solutions available UK-Wide

At Immervox we know that there’s always room for more bandwidth. There is no such thing as ‘too much’ if your business model revolves around delivering an IT, Digital, or Technology service. Our expert team of solutions architects and network designers can create the connectivity solution that maximises your available bandwidth. With EFM and full ethernet connectivity available delivering speeds up to 10 Gbps, Immervox are the perfect choice of provider if your answer to ‘do you need more bandwidth’ is always ‘yes’. 

Keep up with developments thanks to the Immervox experts

For Immervox customers, the expert advice and guidance we provide is just as valuable as any service, product, or solution. When you work at the forefront of tech and IT, you need to ensure you’re always utilising the cutting edge to remain competitive. The Immervox team is always seeking the next advanced enterprise IT and communications technologies. As an Immervox customer you’ll be the first to know about new developments that can give you the competitive edge your business needs.

Technical expertise at your level

If you have a high level of technical knowledge it can be frustrating engaging salespeople or customer service desks that can’t match it. Every member of the Immervox team is an expert in their field, and we ensure that everybody here is technically proficient. You’ll never find yourself having to dumb down your requests when engaging the Immervox team. You can explain exactly what you need with complete clarity, no matter the depth of knowledge required to understand. 

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