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Mobile Broadband and SIM based connectivity

Remote Wi-Fi and SIM-based connectivity from Immervox

A reliable, high-speed broadband connection has evolved from business luxury to business necessity in less than two decades. Ensuring your workforce has access to a stable internet connection is vital. For businesses with mobile workforces or that work across temporary sites, meeting this vital need can be a challenge. That’s why Immervox provide rapidly deployable Mobile Broadband, Wi-Fi and SIM-based connectivity solutions to businesses like yours across the UK.

Keeping your mobile workforce connected with cellular connectivity and data

A fast, reliable internet connection doesn’t have to rely on miles of cabling and expensive switchboxes. Modern cellular connectivity and data technologies mean that high-speed broadband connectivity can be enable at affordable cost from a SIM card. Whether this is accessed from a mobile device, or powering a SIM-based mobile router, Mobile Broadband and SIM-based connectivity solutions ensure that distance from your office broadband network doesn’t leave your employees consigned to slow, unreliable connections. 

The cellular data and Mobile Broadband components bringing superfast internet from a SIM card.

SIM cards enable more than mobile phone calls. Cellular data technologies like SIM-based routers and USB dongles can bring fast, reliable internet connectivity even when you’re on the move. Whether it’s allowing your on-the-road staff to work wherever they are, or quickly bringing broadband to a temporary site, Mobile Broadband brings the flexible and affordable connectivity you need. 

Portable SIM card routers

SIM card routers are a portable and easily deployable alternative to cable-based routers. Whether it’s a Wi-Fi router, or a hub for a wired WAN/LAN network, SIM routers allow for portable connectivity infrastructures that can be deployed in minutes. With MultiSim and 4G SIM card routers available you can enjoy speeds and reliability comparable with most cable connections.

4G USB dongles for business

A USB dongle is a small modem that plugs into the USB slot of your laptop, allowing your device to connect to 4G mobile data. In the era of WFH and remote working 4G USB dongles make sure your staff aren’t held back by the quality of their consumer broadband when working from home. 

Business Mobile Broadband

Many providers and mobile networks we work with at Immervox now provide some kind of Business Mobile Broadband. Business Mobile Broadband allows your mobile device to access a stable internet connection seamlessly whilst you’re on the move. A Business Mobile Broadband service finds and connects to the best available connection in the area using Wi-Fi and mobile data networks (including HSDPA, 3G (UMTS), and GPRS. As your connectivity partner we can negotiate with national networks on your behalf to bring this incredible flexible connectivity option to your staff’s mobile devices at a streamlined, optimised cost. 

Immervox as a supplier of SIM-card based connectivity solutions


Why choose Immervox as your connectivity and mobile broadband partner?

At Immervox we’ve provided connectivity and telecoms solutions for UK business for nearly three decades. We’ve been at the forefront of SIM based connectivity since the days of dial-up modems and WAP browsers. However, our incredible level of knowledge and experience isn’t the only reason our customers value us so highly as a connectivity and mobile broadband partner.

Rapid deployment

Rapid deployment and quick set-up times are a key advantage of SIM based broadband infrastructure. Especially in sectors where temporary sites are a business mainstay (such as Construction or Live Events) the ability to set up a reliable network quickly is essential. As your Mobile Broadband partner we’ll not only advise on and procure the hardware you need, but also provide a skilled Immervox technician to assist with deployment whenever and wherever they’re needed.

Streamlined Costs

Especially if you have a large business, data costs can leave a sizeable dent in your monthly budget. We ensure that all of our customers are getting the best deal for their business broadband, no matter the supplier. As a vendor-neutral partner on strong terms with all major UK suppliers, we’ll procure and negotiate the most cost-effective packages and contracts for all of your broadband and connectivity solutions. 

Scalable, flexible packages 

Every Immervox solution is completely scalable and flexible to suit the changing needs of your business. Configurations can be rolled out from the comfort of your browser, and every service can be scaled up with a few mouse clicks whether you need to add 1 or 10,000 new users. Our team of Immervox experts are also on hand 24/7 every week of the year to advise and assist with any additions or changes you’ve been considering to your data and connectivity infrastructure.

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