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Mobile Virtual Network Operator Services

Immervox: your Mobile Virtual Network Operator services partner

At Immervox we’re proud to be a MVNO for hundreds of businesses across the UK. As an MVNO services partner and provider we’re able to make mobile device and contract management simple, easy, and cost effective. But just what is an MVNO, and why does engaging Immervox for MVNO services add incredible business value?

MVNO services, taking the hassle out of business mobiles

Providing a mobile device, the eponymous ‘work phone’, for your employees is common these days. Especially in the age of WFH and hybrid working, ensuring your workforce can collaborate and communicate wherever they are is essential.

Whilst equipping your teams with the work phones they need is a worthwhile business investment, managing an entire organisations worth of mobile devices (and the contracts attached to them) is a daunting challenge. Especially in larger organisations where the communications infrastructure can contain hundreds of Androids, iPhones, and any niche sector-specific SIM powered device you can think of.

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, Immervox provide a single point of contact for all your business mobile needs. Whether it’s customer support, procuring a 100-10,000 device-inclusive contracts for the workers at your new office, or negotiating new contracts to be rolled out organisation wide, with Immervox as your MVNO it’s all as simple as making a phone call. 

The business value of Immervox MVNO services

Having a Mobile Virtual Network Operator to handle your mobile infrastructure adds an incredible amount of business value to your organisation. From time saved and productivity gained, through to optimised costs and a flexible service, it’s easy to see why so many Immervox MVNO customers count us as an essential service partner. 

Optimised costs for uncompromised service

Mobile networks tend to offer generic, standardised contracts and packages. Whilst this is fine for consumers, it’s often not suitable for business customers. By engaging Immervox as your MVNO you can ensure you’re only paying for the services you need. We keep costs optimised without compromising on the quality of service you receive. 

Bespoke packages tailored to your business needs

Every sector faces unique challenges. Whereas one may need a large data allowance for uploading videos and images from out in the field, another may simply need unlimited minutes and crystal clear call quality staff on the road. We work with businesses across almost every sector and industry. No matter how unique the challenges you face, we’ll be able to provide a single point of access MVNO service that allows your workforce to meet them head on. 

A focused, dedicated service 

The success of our customers is at the heart of everything we do at Immervox. That’s why we keep our UK-based customer service help and support desk in house. Available 24/7, even on bank and national holidays, with Immervox the person taking you call will always be a member of our team of experts. No matter how complex the issue or demanding the requirement, we’re always on hand to help.

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