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Move to VoIP

Moving to VoIP with Immervox

We know that migrating an entire office or workforce over to a VoIP phone system can feel like a daunting challenge. Immervox’s team of experts are on hand at every stage of the migration, offering unparalleled levels of advice and guidance to ensure your move to VoIP is obstacle free.

A smooth VoIP migration, the Immervox way

VoIP unlocks enterprise level telecoms for SME’s and organisations of any size. With VoIP phone systems, small businesses can leverage the growth potential in remote hiring and home working, mobile workforces, and maintenance-free scalability from a single web portal.

VoIP brings agility to the heart of your comms. Moving over to VoIP can be a tricky process though. That’s why at Immervox we pride ourselves on guiding and assisting our customers at every stage of their migration to a VoIP system. 

At Immervox we believe that bringing your business into the 21st century doesn’t have to be paid for with massive business disruption or downtime. That’s why we’ve spent years ensuring that our customers can adopt the technologies of the future with minimal impact to their present. 

The Immervox team, here for you with…

Business and DDI phone numbers.

With Immervox you’ll retain all of your existing phone and DDI numbers. We’ll ensure that clients and customers can still contact you at every stage of your migration.

Remote VoIP access.

With VoIP, your employees and staff have remote access to your business phone system wherever they are, at any time. The Immervox team will give advice so that your workforce can adopt and use the new system quickly and cleanly. 

Compatibility with existing infrastructure.

VoIP brings many advantages, but it is bandwidth heavy. The Immervox team will be available to assess and evaluate your existing network infrastructure and data connections. Our experts will be able to identify weak spots and provide solutions to get you fully VoIP ready.

PRINCE2 Certified VoIP Migration Project Management from Immervox

For a large organisation or business, a workplace and workforce wide migration to a VoIP system is a huge undertaking. Large scale VoIP migrations are a project that requires individual management and oversight.

We know this at Immervox. That’s why we offer project management services, including for migration to VoIP phone systems, from our team of PRINCE2 certified experts.

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