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MultiVox MultiSim

Free yourself from network dependence MultiVox MultiSim solutions from Immervox

Mobile devices make working and communicating from outside the office a mainstay of 21st century business. When the networks you rely on for these devices fail it can have a huge impact. If your business relies on SIM cards and mobile uninterrupted mobile connectivity to succeed, our MultiVox MultiSim solution could be exactly what you need.

Uninterrupted mobile connectivity from anywhere in the UK

It’s no secret that none of the major mobile networks can offer 100% coverage anywhere in the UK. Geography plays a huge role in signal strength and availability. What’s more, no mobile network is immune to the effects of weather or technical and human error. 

Relying on a single mobile provider means experiencing periods of signal failure. Whilst this is little more than a mild annoyance for consumers, for business and enterprise customers mobile connectivity issues can be a massive drain on productivity and leave business continuity vulnerable.

If your organisation finds that mobile connectivity causes regular setbacks, a MultiVox MultiSim solution can bring the uninterrupted connectivity you’ve been looking for. 

What are the benefits of an Immervox MultiVox MultiSim solution?

Every solution we provide our customers adds business value. Different sectors have different needs, and what fits for one customer will be of little use to another. Immervox customers that enjoy our MultiVox MultiSim service as part of their bespoke Immervox solution tell us it’s perfect for their business for a number of reasons. 

A continuous mobile connection wherever you’re based

If you have a lot of staff that are work on the road, on temporary sites, or in remote and hard to reach locations, they can often find themselves in signal blackspots. By equipping them with an ‘anywhere SIM’ for their mobile devices they’ll automatically switch between available services, ensuring they’re never without signal.

Rapid deployment of uninterrupted broadband

Mobile phones aren’t the only business-essential technologies that depend on a steady mobile connection. Many of our customers in sectors such as construction need to deploy broadband and data infrastructure quickly across temporary sites. With a MultiSim router, cellular broadband services with speed and reliability rivalling physical networks can be deployed with ease. 

Multi-network SIM cards for any device

Whether your workforce rely on Android or iPhones, a multinetwork SIM based solution will keep them working and productive without the stress of mobile signal failure. An Immervox MultiVox MultiSim solution can fit your business regardless of the make and model of devices your staff use. 

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