Exceptional password management at the core

In the increasingly digital world in which modern businesses operate, the list of systems, apps and portals which a password is needed for access continues to grow. But so does the sophistication in which cyber criminals are targeting individuals and businesses. Therefore good password management and a well-rounded password culture will be the first line of defence in building up your cyber-attack armour.

A solution as unique as your business

Like with most things in life, one size does not fit all. A password management system for a multi-site, international conglomerate with thousands of employees will require a very different system to a small, local community business, but this does not make the password management system or its embedding any less important.

Our cyber-experts here at Immervox will work closely with you and your business to truly understand the needs of your business, ensuring any password management system is a reflection of your business, and is plausible in the real world – a system is of no use if it is too complicated or difficult for employees to follow.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is the requirement of a second piece of information from a user to enable them to log in to an online service, portal or app. Essentially requiring 2 layers of authentication to access protected information.

As the online nature of our work and home lives increases, it is becoming more important than ever to ensure we are protected from a Cyber-attack. A Cyber-attack would be detrimental to any business who operates within the digital space. And not just online businesses – businesses are now using online apps to manage payroll, apps to manage productivity and apps to manage stock, to name just a few.

Getting staff on-board

Robust cyber security is much more than just good password management. Ultimately those who are the most vulnerable to attack are employees, and while cyber security is absolutely a board-level issue, the ‘boots on the ground’ staff must be properly briefed, trained and empowered to take responsibility for the security of their devices and business systems.