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Phone System Design and Installation

Network Infrastructure, expertly handled by Immervox

Your office phone system and network infrastructure is essential to your business. Without them your business couldn’t exist. At Immervox we have provided phone systems and network infrastructure to businesses UK-wide for nearly three decades. With Immervox as your Business Telecoms Partner you can rest easily knowing you’ll always receive the most effective solution at the best price.

Immervox: Telecoms and Networking Experts

Immervox have been an essential telecoms and network partner to hundreds of UK companies for nearly 30 years. We have designed, installed, and maintained phone systems and network infrastructure almost every setting, from offices to high security military and defence sites. Whether you need 10 or 1000 new extensions installed, a simple hardware refresher, or cabling laid on a new site, we can create the perfect bespoke phone system solution for your business.

Phone system and telecoms architecture solutions from Immervox

There are very few phone system, telecoms, or network solutions we’re unable to implement. We’re more than a simple hardware and services reseller. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve any of our customers telephony and communications problems. If it’s not a solution we already provide the Immervox experts will research and come back to you with the most effective and cost-effective package that contains it. Here are just some of the phone system and telecoms services and solutions we provide to businesses UK wide: 

Line installation and network design

Whether you need analogue lines installed, ISDN2 or ISDN30 lines replaced in time for the PSTN switch-off, or an FTTC integrated WAN/LAN network designed, Immervox are here to help. Our expert solutions architects, network designers, and telecoms engineers are available end-to-end for all your network and telecoms infrastructure projects. No matter the location, scale, or materials, we provide a comprehensive line installation and network design service. 

Phone system maintenance and engineering

Bring your business peace of mind with our annual support agreements offering guaranteed SLAs. With our 24/7/365 customer service helpdesk and out-of-ours maintenance and support available, Immervox phone system maintenance services protect your business against downtime and lost productivity.

Vendor-neutral handset and hardware procurement

Immervox have positive relationships with all major suppliers and vendors operating in the UK. Whether the most suitable hardware for your business is manufactured by Cisco, Juniper, Panasonic, Huawei, Motorola, or anybody else, we’ll be able to procure it at an optimised cost. We’ll always negotiate on behalf of your business for the best business phone system deal, no matter the make or model. 

End-to-end consultation and PRINCE2 Project Management available

Our experience and expert knowledge is one of the most value services we offer to Immervox customers. We live and breathe telecoms and communications, just as you do the sector your business has seen such success in. If your knowledge of business phone systems can be summed up as ‘we need better ones’, Immervox offers consultation and PRINCE2 Project Management to ensure that your businesses phone systems are of the same high calibre as the services you provide to your customers. 

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