Cloud Services

The Cloud can cultivate collaboration. The Cloud can flexibly fertilise your business' growth. The Cloud can enhance efficiency. The Cloud can dull disasters.

Business Cloud Services & Solutions in the UK

The Cloud is the biggest revolution in computing since the invention of the microchip. And Cloud services can benefit your business in a multitude of ways.

Use the Cloud to flexibly scale your services instantly – with no capital expenditure up-front. Dial back down when demand slows. Automatically and securely store your data off-site, for fast Disaster Recovery. Expand your remote working capability, so employees can continue to work when on the road, or even work regularly from home.

Improve employee productivity by cultivating a more collaborative culture using Cloud collaboration tools. And enhance your customer communication with web-based messaging tools.

The possibilities are endless. Call us today on 0330 024 0234 to see what the Cloud can do for you.


By using external infrastructure, you can instantly adjust your usage, with no extra expenditure. No up-front capital, just on/off subscription models so you only pay for what you use. Meet fluctuating service demands or keep pace with a business growth spurt, without annihilating your cashflow.

Get enterprise-grade communication and ICT solutions without footing the bill for the hardware.

Disaster Recovery

Use the Cloud to recover from disaster. Cloud communications can re-route your telephone services to another location or line, or simply set a Voicemail announcement to keep your customers in the loop. Automatic backups can keep your data safe, secure and ready for retrieval from Tier 3 Data Centres.

And because it's all based on off-site servers, the IT maintenance is outsourced to professionals who will keep the software up-to-date with the latest security patches.

Collaboration and remote working

Cloud collaboration tools give team members instant access to files in real-time, to edit, share and configure on the fly from anywhere in the world. And Cloud communication tools like VoIP can give the appearance of in-the-office to customers no matter where you are.

Work from anywhere, collaborate better.

Desktop SMS

Send SMS text messages to single or multiple numbers straight from your browser. Give progress and delivery reports, put promotions straight in your customers' pockets, track replies and capture new leads. Discover the power of the simple text message.

Fax to Email

Send and receive faxes via email on any device. Eliminate paper, toner and real-life fax lines, while still keeping in touch with your fax-based clients.