Desktop SMS

Desktop SMS: Send Text Messages from your Computer


  • Keep in touch with your customers: texts are great for progress reports, delivery updates, promotions and surveys. Send to a single mobile or as many as you like.
  • Improve internal communication: keep staff up-to-date with rota changes, praise good work, advise of new suppliers and products or quickly update on new processes and procedures.
  • Track your responses: track your sends, replies and receive delivery reports for a complete record of your SMS communication, including the capture of new leads.

Immervox Desktop SMS upgrades the humble text message into a powerful business tool. More personal and immediate than email – or even social media – there are hundreds of creative business uses for SMS that can improve your communication: with your customers and staff alike.


  • Multiple distribution lists: segment your customer base to send targeted promotions to the people who will appreciate them most.
  • Scheduled sends: time mass messages to coincide with production launches and promotions.
  • Pay-as-you-go credits: buy credits in advance and receive alerts when your credits run low. Each message (160 characters) is one credit. Minimum order of 500.

Keep a single credit account for selected staff, or create multiple accounts for different departments. Marketing may need considerably more credits than HR.

Download our desktop app free of charge. Once installed, call us on 0800 652 7453 to set up your free trial.