Audio Conferencing

Save time and reduce travelling expenses by meeting over the phone.

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  • Cost control – enable your staff to collaborate without incurring travelling and accommodation expenses. The service is operated on an 03 number to keep call costs down.
  • Efficiency – with less time spent travelling to meetings, your employees can be more productive.
  • Environmentally friendly – helps reduce your carbon footprint by encouraging staff to travel less and create fewer harmful emissions.

Easily create and manage audio conferencing services any time, anywhere with our high-performance solution. Perfect for regular meetings or ad hoc information sharing with colleagues, customers or remote workers, it's easy to use and versatile. The wide range of features includes compatibility with any number type, bespoke welcome messages, host tracking and call recording.


  • Security – an access PIN ensures users can't join the wrong conference call. For additional security a second level entry system can generate a conference ID. Conference Hosts can generate a separate PIN to give them full control of the meeting.
  • Identification – participants can record their names to be announced as they join the call.
  • Free access to our app, which provides usage details and reporting on your mobile device (available on selected operating systems only).

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