Audio Conferencing

Easily create and manage audio conferencing services

What is Conferencing?

Audio Conferencing gives users the ability to easily create and manage audio conferencing services. With significant flexibility and ease of use, it has been created with the aim of helping organisations communicate more effectively, regardless of location. Audio Conferencing provides increased functionality and new revenue opportunities.

The product has a number of features including the ability to be set up on any number type, bespoke welcome messages, host tracking and call recording. It includes a PIN access system for security, ensuring that users are unable to accidentally join another conference call with the option to add in a second level entry system by also generating a conference ID. Additionally, Conference Hosts are able to generate a separate PIN to ensure the call cannot begin without their attendance and to give them full control of the meeting and discussion points, particularly useful when a call involves clients and third parties.

Why use audio conferencing?

Reduce costs and travel

  • Whether it be an internal or customer meeting, conferencing can bring people together without the cost of travel and accommodation. With more and more businesses promoting flexible working conferences are becoming even more popular meeting options.

Increase productivity

  • Not only can travel to meetings be expensive but it also takes time. Conferencing offers a far more efficient way to manage your diary meaning you can fit more into your day.


Bespoke welcome messages

  • Messages can be uploaded giving personalised introductions and to ensure the service accommodates any branding requirements.

Conference call recording

  • All conferences can be recorded. These recordings can be stored online, emailed to desired recipients or sent directly to any FTP server.


  • In terms of conference security, an access PIN is generated by our system to ensure users do not join another conference call accidentally. If additional security is required it is possible to add in a second level entry system by also generating a conference ID.

Host controls

  • Conference Hosts have the ability to generate a separate PIN for themselves in order to ensure the conference does not begin without their attendance. This is particularly useful when a conference call involves clients and third parties, helping to ensure the host has full control of the meeting and discussion points.

Name recording

  • Participants in the conference calls can record their names to be announced as they join the call so the host can easily track attendance.

Operated on an 03 number

  • Our audio conferencing service is operated on an 03 number which ensures that your costs for operating the service and the costs for users dialling the service are kept to a minimum.

Free app access

  • Access to our app is available, which provides usage details and reporting on your mobile device (available on selected operating systems only).

For quick connection, use our Configurator to order. Or speak to our Technical Consultants on 0800 652 7453 and we'll talk you through your options.