SIP lines

A flexible, scalable alternative to ISDN.

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  • Flexibility – easily adjust capacity up or down to match varying demands. 
  • Versatility – make voice and video calls using the same technology. 
  • Peace of mind – guaranteed optimum call quality, potential for ISDN backup, and one-click call diversion with Cloud-based numbers in the event of an emergency. 

SIP Trunking is a high-performance connectivity solution for voice, video and conferencing communications. It can be used as an alternative to ISDN or as emergency backup for an existing ISDN line. Easily installed on existing infrastructure, each SIP trunk includes 1,000 free UK landline minutes per subscription, per month. 


  • Endlessly scalable – use new or existing numbers and DDIs from one to 1,000+ SIP trunks on one geographic number, or assign individual numbers to each. 
  • Works on fibre or copper – SIP can be installed on your existing infrastructure without new hardware. 
  • Advanced functionality, including CLIP, call barring, park and transfer. 

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