SIP lines

Sip Provider & Trunk lines Solutions


  • Easily control your capacity: adjust capacity to match seasonal demands – increase or decrease whenever you want.
  • Voice and Video on the same service: make Voice and Video calls using the same technology.
  • Robust and reliable, even in a disaster: guaranteed optimum call quality, potential for ISDN backup, and one click (or call) diversion with Cloud based numbers in the event of an emergency.

SIP gives you robust, reliable and flexible Voice, Video and Conferencing communication. An alternative to ISDN, it can also act in concert with an ISDN line as the primary or secondary service to kick in when the other goes down. SIP can be installed on existing infrastructure, making it extremely quick to install, and Cloud based numbers mean your package is linked to your business not your premises.


  • Endlessly scalable: use new or existing numbers and DDIs from 1-1,000+ SIP Trunks on one geographic number, or assign individual numbers to each.
  • Install on fibre or copper networks: SIP can be installed on whatever your existing infrastructure is, without installation of new hardware.
  • Productivity features: CLIP, Call Barring, Park and Transfer – increase productivity with enhanced Voice communication features.

Each SIP Trunk includes 1,000 free UK landline minutes per subscription, per month. As with all Immervox packages, it's supported by our 24/7 UK based helpdesk.

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