VoIP services

All the functions of a traditional phone line, but far more flexibility, far more features and far better Disaster Recovery.

Digitally enhanced telephony.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses the internet to deliver your phone service. Why? Because it allows you to access the same service from multiple devices, including desktops and mobiles. It allows you to instantly add new users without new hardware – and scale back just as fast. It allows you to sustainably grow your telecoms without additional capital expenditure.

Get free geographical numbers without installing new lines. Get free bundled minutes to UK landlines and mobiles. And in a disaster? VoIP can quickly be re-routed in ways physical phone lines can't.

Find out how VoIP can supercharge your telecoms – and save you money on phone calls. Call us today on 0330 024 0234.


Add new users to the system whenever you need. Access the network from any device. Add new geographic numbers at the drop of the hat – use new numbers to track promotional performance, a different one for each advertising channel.

Scale up your telecoms without spending capital on installing new hardware or infrastructure. It's all taken care of in the Cloud.

Remote access

Use your VoIP from a smartphone using a dedicated app. Employees can call through the business system – so clients get a call from the number they know, and expenses are charged directly to the company – wherever they are. On location, in a meeting, or working from home.

VoIP gives you the opportunity to extend your team by including homeworkers, while giving the appearance that everyone's in the office.

Disaster Recovery

VoIP is great in a disaster. Our VoIP solutions are based on 'N+1' technology, meaning your entire network is duplicated on another network, in another location. If one goes down, it automatically reroutes to the other.

It's as advanced, resilient and reliable as infrastructure gets. And because we maintain it off-site, including all the necessary security updates, you needn't give it a second thought.