Major Service Outage 25/05/2023 - Cleared.

The issues seen earlier have now been cleared. Services should now back up and stable. The network are investigating the cause and will endevour to ensure this issue does not happen again. If you are still experiencing issues then please contact our CS team


Professional Services

Professional Services from Immervox

Communications and connectivity aren’t everyone’s area of expertise. That’s why we provide efficient and cost effective professional service and project management solutions. Whether it’s support for your management team during an implementation, or a full on disaster-recovery PM, Immervox offer PRINCE2 certified project management and professional service solutions to suit your need.

Why choose Immervox professional services?

Providing expert support and guidance for our customers has been at the heart of our business since we first opened our doors over two decades ago. Our professional services solutions embody these values. It is with project management, business disaster and recovery, and engineer implementations that we get to show exactly how committed we are to leveraging our expert knowledge to enable the success of our customers. 


Every member of the Immervox team is a qualified expert with years of experience in the communications industry.


Every Immervox solution and service is flexible, scalable, and can be tailored to meet your exact needs. We can meet even the most demanding challenges no matter where in the UK you’re based. 

Expert, certified support

Every Immervox project management solution is managed by a PRINCE2 certified PM with years of IT and telecoms experience. Customers also have access to our UK-based helpdesk, which is available 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Disaster Recovery

We know how important stable comms and network infrastructure are during the worst of times. Whether you’re facing a fire, flood, or other disaster, Immervox will be there to keep your lines of communication open. 

Keeping your customers informed

Keep your customers in the loop. We’ll do everything needed to re-route inbound calls to new lines and locations, circulate announcements with your Auto Attendant, and automate your contingencies for a seamless switch to your backup infrastructure with no loss of service. 

Retain and restore your critical data

We’ll enable swift data recovery with our cloud back-up and restoration services. We can restore your critical data from the cloud, with automated backups to ensure all of your most valuable data remains safe and secure.

A quick return to BAU

The Immervox team is around any time of day. Disaster rarely strikes during 9-5 working hours. Whether it’s 3PM or 3AM, the same team will answer the phone and be on hand to ensure you get back to BAU as soon as possible. 

Experience PRINCE2 project management

Immervox can provide PRINCE2 certified project managers for any of your communication projects. Our PM’s employ agile principles to ensure delivery is on time and in budget. If you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your big comms project is going smoothly an Immervox Project Management solution is exactly what you need. 

Scalable packages

Immervox project managers are available for self-managed, partially managed, or fully managed projects. No matter the level of involvement you need, Immervox will be able to provide a PRINCE2 certified PM. 

Efficient, expert management at a streamlined cost

We always aim to remove the risk of unanticipated expenses. We ensure rigorous adherence to quality and control standards, and deliver a swift and thorough handover so your team can get back to work as quickly as possible. 

Phone system and cable engineering

Your phone and network infrastructure is business critical. At Immervox we’re proud to provide an exceptional level of engineering services to maintain, adjust, and improve your infrastructure. Whether it’s revolutionising your existing systems, or installing new hardware and cabling from scratch, the Immervox engineering team is ready and available.

High quality cabling service

The Immervox engineering team is experienced and equipped to solve almost any cabling issue. We provide fast repairs and quality implementations for any sized premises. Immervox voice and data cabling installations are robust, secure, and scalable. 

24/7 support and emergency response

No matter the time of day, the Immervox engineering team is available to fix any issues in your phone systems or network infrastructure. We’ll also keep you informed of any upgrades and new services available to optimise your systems, ensuring you always have access to the best communications technology available.

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