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Regulated Industries and Restricted Sites

Telecoms and Data solutions for regulated industries and restricted sites

For regulated and restricted sectors such as energy, government, defence, and intelligence services, any infrastructure project requires no only security cleared engineers and professionals, but providers that understand the complex and necessary regulations which must be adhered to without compromise. At Immervox we have access to highly experienced SC and DV cleared network engineers, and can facilitate telecoms and infrastructure projects on a restricted site anywhere in the UK.

Immervox: trusted communications and connectivity partners for secure site operations

For any communications and connectivity project on a secure or restricted access site, security is always the key priority.

Network and Infrastructure engineers working on restricted access sites must have active and vetted clearance. Whether this is SC or DV clearance, finding engineers with the right experience who also hold active clearance can be a challenge. Often this is a key delay to project deadlines.

Immervox have worked with many customers across restricted and highly regulated sectors. This includes government, defence, energy and power, and other critical national infrastructure organisations. We also work with direct providers to organisations like the MoD, from construction and logistics organisations through to 3rd party managed supply chain procurement.

We also provide secure, UK based Tier-3 data centre storage and automated backup solutions. If you need a secure and compliant cloud solution to keep your confidential or ‘top secret’ data safe, a bespoke Immervox solution brings the power of enterprise cloud storage with unprecedented security.

Regulatory expertise and facilitation of SC & DV cleared engineers

There are many reasons our customers in secure and highly regulated sectors trust Immervox as a communications and connectivity partner. We understand the level of compliance and discretion needed to deliver without compromising security. 

Honest and impartial advice from industry and regulatory experts

At Immervox, we have been providing secure communications and connectivity solutions for almost thirty years. Our expert team is fully versed in regulations and compliance, from ISO through to GDPR. We are always available for consultation, guidance, and advice on all things regulation and compliance for IT and telecoms, regardless of your sector. 

Facilitating SC and DV cleared engineers

As we’ve grown at Immervox we have worked with businesses and providers of every shape and size. We are a trusted partner for hundreds of businesses, and have work directly with industry-leading professionals in almost every sector. Through our network of partners we can facilitate SC and DV cleared network and IT infrastructure engineers for any UK location. 

Secure UK hosting and 24/7 helpdesk support

Immervox hosting solutions are ideal if your need data stored which is sensitive or highly confidential. Our secure UK based Tier 3 data centres offer premium data security during transfer and storage, with all data encrypted to AES 256 as standard with further protections available as necessary. We also offer an in-house, UK based customer help desk every day of the year, all hours of the day. 

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