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Renewing our pledge to support local wildlife

11th May 2022
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The Immervox head office is based in Basildon, in the heart of Essex. As an employer of members of the local community, and with several local clients, it has always been important for us to give back to, and help support, our local Essex community. That’s why, several years ago now, we decided to become ‘Investors in Wildlife’ and become members of the Essex Wildlife Trust. 

As the “county’s leading conservation charity” the Essex Wildlife Trust is committed to “protecting wildlife and inspiring a lifelong love of nature”. And with over 8,400 acres of land across 87 sites, they would not be able to carry out their incredible work with wildlife without support from local businesses just like ours. 

We’re sharing our support of this fantastic local charity in the hope that it will inspire other businesses to invest in their local wildlife community. Find out more about corporate membership.

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