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Simple VoIP and Telephony Services

VoIP phone and Telephony services made simple, the Immervox way

Feeling overwhelmed by all the VoIP phone systems available for your organisation? If you want a rough idea of how much unlocking your business potential with our popular Simple VoIP package will cost, our easy-to-use costing tool below will give you an idea of what to expect.

Simple VoIP: modern telephony at an affordable price

Immervox VoIP solutions remove your business dependence on expensive telephony hardware. By moving to a Voice over Internet Protocol service with Immervox you’ll never again be limited by your phone systems.

Our Hosted VoIP services are scalable, manageable, and above all endlessly configurable. Immervox hosted VoIP is perfect for new and existing enterprises of any size. Whether you need to keep your sales floor on the phones, or ensure your remote teams are reachable come rain or shine, the Immervox hosted VoIP service could be exactly what you need.

Your organisation will face many challenges. Immervox Cloud backup ensures data loss isn’t one of them. 

Simple VoIP is one of the most flexible and popular solution packages we offer at Immervox. If you’re ready for your comms infrastructure to move into the 21st century the Immervox Simple VoIP solution is the perfect entry-point for your business. 

Why our customers love Simple VoIP:

  • Flexibility

Simple VoIP is the most flexible IP telephony package we offer at Immervox.

  • Infinite scalability and configuration only a log-in screen away

Call management is made simple with our intuitive user-friendly web portal. Add features such as auto attendant, call queuing and hunt groups, and make changes to your subscription with just a few mouse clicks.

  • Individual subscription management

Our Simple VoIP package allows you to manage over 1000+ subscriptions, down to configuring individual subscriptions based on your business needs. 

  • Contract lengths that suit you

We know that getting locked into lengthy contracts can be disastrous for some businesses. That’s why we have no obligations on contract length for our customers. Whether you need a temporary site covered for a month, or want to lock in your VoIP for 36 months so you can stay focused on what’s important as the years roll by, the Immervox Simple VoIP solution is available for as long (or as little) as you need it. 

  • Rapid deployment wherever, whenever

Our Simple VoIP is ideal for rapid deployment. As our VoIP solution runs your telephony service through internet and broadband lines (instead of expensive telecoms hardware) set up is as simple as downloading and installing a software package. Once engaged, your new and current staff are only ever a few clicks away from the rest of the team. This includes remote workers based internationally or on temporary sites.

  • Mobile and IP twinning

We’ve all miss calls because we’re on our other device. With mobile and IP twinning your mobile device and IP headset will ring at simultaneously. You’ll never miss a call because you’re ‘on a different number today’ again. 

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