Disaster recovery

Cloud Backup

Get total reassurance with secure, off-site backup of your business-critical data.

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  • Peace of mind – fast access to recovery data, whether it's a minor mishap or a major disaster.
  • Confidence – automated backups ensure you'll never lose more than a few hours' work.
  • Cost control – no need for investment in expensive off-site data storage facilities.

In our digital world, data loss can be severely damaging to your business. So, how do you cost-effectively put in place robust recovery safeguards to reduce the risk of costly downtime? It's simple. Use the power of the Cloud. At Immervox we can provide you with high-quality Cloud backup services using secure, UK-based Tier 3 data centres. 


  • Streamlined backup processes – only files that have been changed are backed up, minimising demand on your internet connection.
  • Data protection compliance – all data is encrypted to AES 256 as standard, with further encryption during file transfer and storage.
  • Fully scalable service, so you can start with just one machine and add more as your data needs grow.

Protect your business continuity with our Cloud backup services. To find out more contact us now.