Disaster recovery

Cloud Backup

Business Cloud Backup Services & Solutions


  • Fast recovery: all data is available for fast retrieval in both full-scale disasters and individual mishaps, giving you significant savings on outages.
  • Automatic backup: backups are automated to ensure you'll never lose more than a few hours work.
  • Data protection compliance: all data is encrypted to a high level, ensuring data protection compliance on client records.

Our Cloud Backup solution gives you peace of mind in knowing your data is safe and secure at all times. Recover quickly in a disaster – whether that's accidentally deleting an important report, or a full-scale server outage – preventing the colossal losses that can occur in data disasters.


  • UK based off-site storage: all data is stored in UK based Tier 3 data centres, where up to 1,000 workstations/devices and serves can be managed from a single console.
  • High level encryption: all data is encrypted to AES 256 as standard, with further encryption during file transfer and storage.
  • Efficient backup processes: only files that have been changed are backed up, keeping the strain on your internet connection to a minimum.

Cloud Backup is fully scalable, so you can start with just one machine, and add more as your data needs grow.

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