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Telephony and Voice Services

Phone, network, and voice solutions from Immervox

The ability to make and receive crisp, clear telephone calls has been an essential business need for decades. At Immervox we ensure all of our customers have access to next-generation voice communications, whether it’s at a single site or spread across a national (or even global) enterprise.

Flexible cutting-edge telephony at optimised costs

Businesses of every size benefit from the revolutionary new telecoms and telephony technologies currently available. Modern phone and comms systems have advanced functionality that optimises the productivity and efficiency of any workplace like never before.

Immervox provide flexible telephony and voice solutions and services in bespoke packages tailored to your exact specifications. We’ll resource and cover the installation of high-performance systems that enable features like call routing, tracking, and analysis, all the providing our peerless levels of expert support and guidance.

What’s in a tailored Immervox telecoms solution?

Every Immervox solution is unique. No two Immervox customers have identical needs, and so no two Immervox solutions are the same. Every package we provide our customers is bespoke, containing any combination of services and solutions we offer. If you’re wondering just what is available to you when working with the team to build your solution here are just some of our telephony and voice services.

Phone system maintenance and network engineering

Even the most high end enterprise grade telecoms equipment adds little business value if it’s faulty or on a sub-par network. We arrange and provide telecoms engineering services for phone system and network infrastructure. Our expert telecoms engineers are available for maintenance and installations at any scale anywhere in the UK, whether you’re a 50-strong office in London or a 200+ extension hospital in Yorkshire. 

Audio conferencing

The best business conversations happen around a packed table. Sometimes though it’s not possible for everybody to be present on site, especially if your business operates internationally. That’s why many of our customers enjoy our audio conferencing services and options as part of their solution. With Immervox you can enjoy crystal clear call quality no matter how many participants. 

Inbound Numbers

If your business operates nationally or internationally the benefits of a virtual, non-geographic inbound number are monumental. With our inbound number services you can create a unique virtual number that connects your customers to the right location every time. With custom 08 and 03 numbers available, hosted virtual inbound numbers not only prevent customer frustration but enable you to harness the full potential of your sales and marketing campaigns.

SIP lines and SIP trunks

By installing SIP lines your existing handsets and landline equipment can make and receive calls across your internet and connectivity infrastructure. SIP lines for business bring modern telecoms to enterprises across the UK without leaving a gaping hole in the annual budget. SIP lines and SIP trunks make calls more cost effective and remove the need for maintaining a network of copper wiring that only supports voice calls. 

Saving costs and unlocking the power of business telecoms with Immervox.

At Immervox we’ve been providing phone, network, and voice solutions for businesses like yours for nearly thirty years. Whether it’s for a one-off phone systems overhaul, or as a monthly service provider, we’ve partnered with hundreds of businesses UK wide to ensure they have access to enterprise-grade telephony at optimised costs. 

Bespoke solutions for businesses and organisations in any sector

Every industry has its own unique needs. No matter the challenges your sector faces, we’ll be able to create a tailored telecoms solution to help you meet them. Whether you need a call management solution for multiple offices, rapid deployment of broadband infrastructure to support SIP and VoIP at a temporary site, or monthly phone system maintenance to keep a busy school or hospital connected and communication, the Immervox experts can help. 

Peace of mind, insight, and business visibility.

Every Immervox customer can tell you how we add value to their business. What they can also tell you is how we add value to their lives as a business leader, by bringing peace of mind. With a bespoke Immervox solution you can restore business visibility with advanced call analytics and insight, allowing you to make informed management decisions. We can also create a failsafe network, ensuring seamless disaster recovery no matter the event. 

Help and support, whenever you need it

Our UK-based customer service helpdesk is manned by an expert member of the Immervox team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (even during national and bank holidays). Immervox customers can rest easily knowing that when the worst happens there’ll be a familiar voice ready to help only a phone-call or email away. 

Flexible solutions at optimised costs

We put our customers business at the heart of everything we do. At Immervox we know that these businesses have changing needs. As such, all of our packages and solutions are completely flexible, scalable, and manageable from the comfort of a browser. Whether you need telecoms or voice services for 100-10,000 users, at Immervox we’ll work with you to create a scalable solution that adds real value to your business. 

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