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Essex Wildlife Trust

10th February 2021
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Disruption free installation of IP Telephony.

The client 

Essex Widlife Trust is the country’s leading conservation charity. Established in 1959, it now has more than 33,000 members, managing and protecting over 7,250 acres of land across 87 nature reserves and 2 nature parks and runs 9 visitor centres. It is one of the largest of Britain’s 47 Wildlife Trusts.

The challenge 

Essex Wildlife Trust needed a resilient, future-proof IP Telephony System installed to replace the legacy BT system – during office hours, and without disruption.

The system comprised three PC based Avaya IP500 consoles and 60 – 70 handsets, with the capability of bringing on sub-sites as IP End Points using a microwaved link to the ISDN30.

The solution 

The installation was successfully carried out over three days, with no disruption to service, including training of admin users.

We continue to maintain the system, and can remotely access it internally, providing 24/7 in-house support, 365 days a year.

Thanks to the new system, Essex Wildlife Trust has reduced their annual maintenance costs and benefits from free inter-site calls.

What the client said 

“Immervox were exceptionally helpful from day one and continue to be so. The installation and training was carried out in a very professional and friendly way, helping the users become accustomed to the new system quickly and efficiently.”

IT Manager, Essex Wildlife Trust 

Immervox Ltd are proud to support Essex Wildlife Trust.

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