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Travel & Leisure

Mobile, Telecoms, and Broadband solutions for the Travel, Leisure, and Tourism industry

Travel, Tourism, and Leisure is a broad umbrella. The industry includes everything from hotels, sports facilities, travel agents, cruise lines, cinemas… the list is practically endless.

That’s why Immervox have been providing bespoke communications and connectivity solutions to the travel, tourism, and leisure industries for close to three decades.

IT and Telecoms: the foundation of modern hospitality, entertainment, and tourism industries

Both nationally and internationally travel, tourism, and leisure are rapid growth and high demand industries. It’s predicted that by 2025 UK tourism will be worth £257 billion (that’s 10% of UK GDP, a staggeringly high figure). 

Whether it’s a hotel, theme park, travel agent, or any other business that draws revenue from tourism, leisure, or travel, IT and telecoms are crucial to your organisation. 

Technology has enabled unprecedented growth for travel and leisure providers. The ability to deliver seamless customer service, online booking, and business process optimisation has allowed for rapid upscaling of businesses and increased demand during peak seasons to be met easily.

However, without a robust IT and telecoms infrastructure your business can quickly fall behind competitors, sometimes irretrievably. Customer service and availability of online services is crucial to business continuity for the travel and leisure industries, perhaps more-so than any other sector. A string of bad reviews is only one afternoon of website downtime or long customer call queues away.

That’s why at Immervox we provide bespoke IT infrastructure and telecoms solutions to protect your business continuity and ensure engaging with your organisation isn’t a frustrating, customer-losing experience.


Superfast broadband and always-on connectivity

The majority of tourists and leisure customers now book activities and ventures online. What’s more, online marketing and social media presence are key to creating and retaining a healthy sales funnel, regardless of your specific business. Whether you’re a hotel or an ice skating rink, a fast, reliable internet connection is absolutely essential. Immervox data solutions offer various superfast broadband options at optimised costs. 

Whether it’s expanding or implementing a WiFi guest service, or creating the infrastructure to ensure your customer portal is never offline, we can create a bespoke always-on broadband or data solution perfectly tailored to your needs. 

VoIP systems and call management for premium customer service

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems carry voice and call data across your existing broadband/IP network cables. With VoIP, crystal clear call quality can be guaranteed at the fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system.

 What’s more, with full call management functionality and configuration available from a browser window, it’s never been easier or more cost effective to provider world class customer service operations.

Cloud services and automated data backup

It’s not possible to book a holiday or leisure activity without disclosing financial and personal information. As such, data protection and security are paramount concerns for any leisure and tourism business. 

Immervox automated cloud backup and storage offers AES 256 encryption as minimum during transfer and storage, and all your sensitive customer data is housed at one of our UK based Tier-3 secure data centres. 

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