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Haulage & Logistics

Cost saving network usage deals for haulage and logistics

Keeping your freighting fleet and procurement supply chain cohesive and operational is a daily challenge. That’s why the haulage and logistics sector is worth £124bn to the UK economy, employing at least 2.3 million people. Ensuring they are connected and communicating is essential, which is why Immervox are the perfect phone and data partner for your shipping and delivery business.

Keeping your haulage fleet connected with Immervox

Between 2019 and 2020 there were 1.41 billion tonnes of goods lifted, with 151 billion tonne kilometres of goods moved on UK roads. Road freight demand and activity is at an all-time high, and that’s before international road freight activity is taken into account. 

Keeping the supply chain moving so consumers and businesses alike receive delivery on time isn’t possible if your freighting fleet can’t communicate. Transportation and goods shipping relies on reliable mobile phone connections, both for calls and data transfer. What’s more, central offices and communications hubs need to have a robust, high-bandwidth on-premise network infrastructure to coordinate procurement operations and supply chain management.

These solutions cost. For many of our haulage and logistics customers, monthly communications and connectivity infrastructure spend was astronomical. High network usage was causing costs to skyrocket under existing contracts. That’s why we worked with every single one to create a bespoke communications and connectivity solution that slashed monthly costs whilst improving on functionality, reliability, and speed.


Immervox have been a known presence in UK telecoms and internet/broadband solutions for nearly 30 years. Some of our longest standing customers are in the haulage and logistics sector. We understand why businesses like yours have monthly data needs that are beyond ‘above average’. That’s why we specialise in creating easily deployable integrated phone, mobile, and data solutions that both save on expenses and offer unparalleled ROI. 

Cost saving expertise and 24/7/365 customer support

A key priority for our haulage and logistics customers is ensuring low network usage costs. Over our almost three decades we have cultivated the knowledge and mobile network provider relationships to ensure that your fleets minutes are priced at the most optimised cost possible. In the past we have helped customers in the sector reduce minute rates from as much as 90p down to 15p. Not only do the Immervox team have an unrivalled level of business and technical expertise, they are available year round. Our in-house customer service helpdesk offers support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Low cost international calling and mobile contract package deals

International shipping continues to drive the global economy. 4.6 billion tonne kilometres of goods where moved on UK roads to/from international destinations. For haulage and logistics fleets operating across borders, international calls continue to leave gaping dents in quarterly financials. At Immervox we offer a number of mobile and data solutions which curb international call rates. We have close relationships with all major national mobile networks, and can negotiate low roaming charge bulk packages on your behalf regardless of your preferred supplier.  

Always-on mobile connectivity and integrated communication for maximum ROI

Your communications and connectivity infrastructure is an investment. Like all investments it’s right that you should expect returns. Every Immervox solution is built with cutting-edge technology at optimised costs, offering an unrivalled ROI for every customer. Whether it’s always-on continuous mobile connectivity with MultiSim, an integrated UCaaS service, or an IoT (Internet of Things) device-ready network infrastructure, every Immervox solution optimises productivity and business continuity without breaking the budget.

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