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Financial Services

High-bandwidth data packages and secure, reliable connectivity for banking and finance

At Immervox we know that in financing and banking large amounts of data need to be transferred reliably and securely. We also know that your busy trading floor needs to make an unfathomable number of crystal-clear calls every minute. That’s why every customer we have in the finance and banking sectors views their bespoke Immervox solution as a more than worthwhile investment.

Leveraging the value of your network and communications infrastructure with Immervox

The IT and telecoms services your business relies on are an investment. Like any investment, you want to ensure that you see the best possible return. At Immervox we specialise in leveraging the maximum business value from the telecoms and IT infrastructure our customers invest in. 

Immervox are trusted industry experts with nearly three decades of experience. During this time we’ve worked closely with dozens of customers in the financial sector. We know exactly how vital it is that any investment in communications and connectivity yield tangible value and results. We also know just how paramount security is for any network that handles financial data. We ensure that all of our solutions leverage the power of enterprise-grade telecoms and communications technologies to yield the highest possible business value. 


High speed, high bandwidth internet connections are vital for financial services in the 21st century. What’s more, those connections need to be resilient, reliable, and above all secure and safe from hackers and other malicious threats.

We provide a number of high-speed connectivity services and solutions that are ideal for the financial services and banking sectors. We work with Tier 1 ISP’s and all of our hosted and cloud services are based in secure UK-based Tier 3 data centres. We ensure that every service, solution, and product meets all regulatory standards, providing total compliance without compromising the quality and speed of your connection.  

Powerful network infrastructure, high-bandwidth connectivity

With the Immervox team of engineers, consultants, solution architects, and PRINCE2 certified project managers, we can create and implement bespoke solution that brings the power of high-bandwidth fibre connectivity to businesses of any size. For our customers in the financial sector this often means top-of-the-range connectivity across multiple sites. 

With dark fibre, fibre ethernet, EFM, and MPLS solutions (as examples) we ensure our finance and banking sector customers always have access to the most powerful available broadband and data connectivity.

Secure cloud and data services hosted in secure UK data-centres

We know how important security is when handling financial data. Finance, banking, investment, and trading enterprises are amongst the most common targets for hackers and malicious cyber security threats. That’s why all of our cloud and IT solutions are hosted at one of our secure UK-based Tier-3 data centres. With Immervox you can be assured that your data connectivity and cloud services will never be a weak point in your security. 


As much as screens and computers have revolutionised business and finance, we know that the most important conversations still happen verbally. At Immervox we understand that telecoms and phone systems are still the primary tool of revenue trading floors, investment bankers, accountants, and anybody else responsible for high volume transactions in the world of finance and banking. 

We know the importance of crystal clear call quality. Immervox telephony, VoIP, and phone system solutions ensure that a bad call connection is never an obstacle to the growth of your business or the service you deliver.

Inbound numbers and scalable call management solutions

If you need inbound or non-geographic/service numbers created and managed, the Immervox team is available to work with you on getting them implemented. We also provide many call and contact centre beneficial services such as auto attendants and diallers where supported. 

Dial-out software ready infrastructure

Dialling and call management software are now commonplace in contact and customer service centres. We’ll ensure that your network and IT infrastructure can support these platforms, creating the infrastructure necessary for as many users as needed to work simultaneously without an interruption to service or network speed. 

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