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Colouring Connectivity

At Immervox, we’ve given our in-house office space a fresh makeover. Recently, we relocated from our upstairs office and transformed the downstairs warehouse into a welcoming and productive environment, creating a positive atmosphere for our employees.

As part of this renovation, we contacted a local college, South Essex College, and invited a local college student, Karen Stilwell, to create a piece of artwork for one of our blank walls. Karen has added a delightful touch to our workspace. Her dedicated efforts over the course of just under a week have resulted in a polished artwork that enhances the overall ambiance of our office.

Following the completion of the artwork, Karen and I had a meeting to discuss her creative process and insights. Here are the questions we explored together:

  1. How did you feel painting this image?

“I enjoyed it. I am a huge fan of painting space scenes, so it was within my comfort zone. It was one of the most open briefs I have had, but with a line of genre, which made it even more fun.”

  1. Were there specific colours you included intentionally to fit the atmosphere?

“Yes, I intentionally included the company’s logo and their brand colours. I also used spacey, galaxy colours to fit in with the space theme. I enjoy including bold and colourful combinations in my art.”

  1. Has your work previously been displayed in other offices or public spaces?

“Not in an office, but I have had my artwork displayed in other public spaces. I have done murals in a boxing gym in Westcliff and a guy’s home gym in Hanningfield. I have also contributed to a graphic novel piece of art in the Alex, a pub in Southend, based around a piece of the series called “Contraband”, which was like graffiti pieces. That project was a bit out of my comfort zone. Next month, my art will be displayed at my son’s school. I asked the kids there for design ideas, and it revolves around the school motto.”

  1. Does this artwork reflect your own artistic style, or is it something different from your usual type?

“The artwork reflects my artistic style. I have a strong liking for rockets and space, so it was a perfect fit for me. I enjoy adding personal touches, which I did through Millie (one of the office dogs).”

  1. Did you face any challenges when completing this work of art, and if so, how did you overcome them?

“Overall, it was a good piece to work, there was a slight struggle with the height but with the step ladder you provided, I was able to reach high enough.”

  1. What feedback was received?

“The feedback was positive. It is always a wonderful feeling when an idea is well-received and appreciated. I felt a great sense of satisfaction knowing that my art brought joy and inspiration to the office space.”

  1. What role do you believe art plays in creating a positive and inspiring workspace?

“Art plays a massive role in creating a positive and inspiring workspace. In this office, there are few windows, so art serves to brighten up the environment and add positivity to the room. The more art, the better, it injects creativity and life into the space, making it a more enjoyable and productive place to work.”

We extend a huge thank you to Karen and South Essex College for providing us with this opportunity. Karen’s hard work and passion has infused a creative atmosphere, contributing to our office makeover in the best possible way. If you wish to explore more of Karen’s exceptional artwork, click here and to discuss any opportunities you may have for Karen, connect with her via LinkedIn and drop her a message.

Karen, Illustrator
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