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Our internet is unreliable

The Problem - Why you need a stable internet connection

Your business relies on connectivity and your network. If your internet connection cuts out, whether it’s due to bad WiFi signal or insufficient bandwidth, everything in your business suffers from productivity to customer service. 

  • Poor connections create dissatisfied customers.
    If you’re hosting the services your customers rely on in-house, a disconnected premise means disconnected customers. Inability to access your website, product, or service will send your customers straight to your competitors.
  • You can’t deliver if your network’s down.
    Poor internet connections account for 44 minutes of lost productivity per week (or 30 minutes per day for employees who work from home). These lost minutes add up over time. Delivering the great products and services your business is known for will be severely hindered by these lost hours, which is why unreliable broadband and internet connections are estimated to cost the UK economy £11bn per year.


Everything relies on the internet.
Everything from meeting deadlines to attending meetings relies on a solid, uninterrupted internet connection. For most businesses there’s no such thing as working offline. Especially with connectivity-reliant technologies like VPN’s fast becoming the norm.


Your network infrastructure relies on dozens of interlinked components, from routers to switches to modems. Any of these could be cause for an unreliable connection. On the other hand, your unreliable connection may not be hardware related at all. 

Insufficient bandwidth

Day to day operations of any business require huge amounts of bandwidth. This increases with each passing year as more technologies and services become part of your employee’s toolkit. 

With insufficient bandwidth your network speeds drop to such low MBps it becomes difficult or impossible to connect to external servers.

Outdated or faulty hardware

Network hardware should be replaced every five years. Some components more so, especially if you want to remain commercially competitive. 

Many businesses hold onto old hardware for much longer than they should. The longer you wait to replace old hardware, the more network downtime becomes a regular problem.

Poor coverage from your ISP

If your Internet Service Provider doesn’t have sufficient coverage in your area then you won’t receive the broadband speed or reliability advertised. 

What’s more, if you’ve updated your modem or router it may not be compatible with your ISP.


At Immervox, we understand just how much your business relies on a reliable, consistent broadband connection. It’s not just because we rely on one too, but because for nearly thirty years we’ve helped our customers get online and stay there. Here are some examples of the components Immervox customers can enjoy as part of their bespoke connectivity and data solution. 

New high-speed business routers, modems, switches, and cabling

If your network hardware is causing network outages, our team of experts can procure and oversee the installation and implementation of a new network infrastructure. We’ll ensure that every component of your network is enterprise-grade, bringing the bandwidth capacity and constant connectivity you need.

Arrange a better ISP

Immervox is a known presence in the UK broadband and ISP  sector. We have good relationships with hundreds of vendors and suppliers across the UK. If your excess downtime is caused by your ISP, we’ll negotiate and secure a new broadband deal with an appropriate ISP that eliminates broadband outages.

A network reconfiguration to eliminate signal cutout

Sometimes downtime can be due to misconfigured network settings, causing your WiFi to have poor signal strength or download/upload speeds to slow. Our experts can run a full discovery session and map your existing network infrastructure. We’ll identify any quick and easy fixes we can make to maximise the effectiveness of your current network.


These are just some examples of the ways a bespoke, scalable Immervox solution can address the communications and connectivity concerns faced by your business. 

We’ve specialised in telecoms, data, broadband, and IT solutions for almost three decades. We’ve been a trusted partner to over 600 businesses in this time due to our commitment to putting the needs of you and your business first.

Your Immervox solution won’t just be a list of products and services that remove network downtime from your weekly challenges. As an Immervox customer, you’ll have access to our full partner  experience:


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