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Our staff need new smartphones for work

Why your staff need reliable smartphones

Whether they’re using iPhones or Androids, the smartphones your staff rely on are an essential tool. If their work mobiles are temperamental or not up-to-standard it becomes a source of incredible stress and lost productivity. 

  • Relying on poor smartphones increases staff stress
    There are few things more stress-inducing for your employees than faulty or unreliable hardware. If the mobile devices they need to use to succeed don’t perform as needed it creates a huge amount of stress for your teams. 
  • Unreliable work mobiles bleed productivity
    Slow download and upload speeds, intermittent signal failure, devices crashing due to incompatibility with necessary apps. All are reasons that unreliable mobile devices reduce staff productivity, preventing them from achieving their full potential.
  • Legacy mobile devices bring expensive maintenance costs
    Smartphones should be replaced every 1-2 years. Many businesses hold onto their mobile devices for much longer than this though. Legacy and outdated devices become increasingly unreliable with each passing year, bringing increased maintenance costs as internal components give out and their OS becomes unable to handle new apps and updates. 


A dedicated work mobile brings many benefits for your staff. For some teams, such as those that spend a lot of time working outside the office, they’re absolutely essential. If you’re finding that work smartphones are causing more problems than solutions for your employees there are a number of possible reasons why. 

Your current devices lack the power your staff need

Business and commercial mobile use can require more processing power from smartphones than for consumer purposes. 

If the smartphones and mobile devices your business relies on aren’t fit for the heavy demands of commercial use they’re going to be slower and prone to downtime. 

Outdated devices need replacing and upgrading

If it’s been a few years since you invested in mobile phones for your teams that need them, then it’s time for an upgrade. The longer mobile devices are in use the more they are likely to slow down in processing speed, breakdown, and require expensive repair work. 

New devices are an investment that sees returns in both saved money and productivity. 

It’s the wrong contract for your business needs

There are hundreds of deals and packages available for commercial and business mobile customers. It can feel daunting or overwhelming to some. 

If your current business mobile contract isn’t suited to the needs of your staff it can lead to increased costs, slower speeds, and weak or unreliable signal strength. 


If you want to enable your staff to work anywhere, at any time, a business mobile solution is one of the best options available to you. At Immervox we’ve been providing UK businesses like yours with connectivity and communications solutions for nearly three decades. Here are some ways Immervox can create a bespoke mobile solution that adds real business value. 

Versatile coverage from a vendor-neutral supplier

We work UK-wide and are a known name to every major mobile network in the country.

We’ll negotiate and secure the best business mobile deal for your business, ensuring a fair cost and guaranteed coverage wherever you need it. We also offer multi-sim solutions, ensuring you’re never reliant on a single mobile network. 

Mobile contracts and plans for businesses of any size

Whether you need a SIM and device package for a single user, or a full rollout of SIM installed Android or Apple devices for up to 10,000 users, we’ll be able to provide. 

As your Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) we’ll be your single point of contact for all your mobile needs.

International roaming, rugged devices, 5G, and more

Every Immervox customer is unique. Many of our solutions are for businesses in sectors that have special additional requirements for their business mobiles. 

Whether it’s a contract that covers international roaming, rugged devices that can take the wear-and-tear of a building site or rough terrain, or a 5G enabled SIM for superfast speeds, we’ll be able to create a bespoke solution tailored to your exact needs.


These are just some examples of the ways a bespoke, scalable Immervox solution can provide your staff with the smartphones and mobile devices they need at an optimised, streamlined cost.

We’ve specialised in mobile, telecoms, data, broadband, and IT solutions for almost three decades. We’ve been a trusted partner to over 600 businesses in this time due to our commitment to putting the needs of you and your business first.

Your Immervox solution won’t just be a list of products and services that keep you, your business, and your staff connected. As an Immervox customer, you’ll have access to our full partner  experience:


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