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We need more secure cloud storage

Why you need secure cloud storage

Data loss is one of the most damaging events that can happen to your business. Information security breaches can damage your reputation and lead to expensive legal battles, and the loss of business-critical data can cripple your business continuity. That’s a lot of responsibility to entrust to a 3rd party. 

  • Your provider’s vulnerabilities are yours too
    Remotely-hosted storage is only as protected as the host server. If your provider doesn’t invest and maintain their own security your data is just as vulnerable as theirs is. This is especially true if you’re relying on a completely public cloud service, where your resources could be stored on the same network as potentially thousands of other customers. 
  • Failure to keep data secure damages reputation
    Customers and consumers don’t consider investing in security as an optional extra from businesses they engage and give personal information to. Failure to invest in a secure hosted storage solution associates your brand and business with cut corners and untrustworthy practice. If you’re relying on a cloud-hosted storage solution you must be certain that your provider has the security of your data at the top of their priority list.


There are many reasons your current cloud storage solution isn’t secure or as secure as it should be. If you’ve recently experienced a data breach, DDoS attack, unauthorised access to your servers, or detected viruses or malware in your systems, there could be a number of reasons your current cloud storage is to blame. 

Misconfigured services

One of the most common causes of cloud data breaches is poorly configured or misconfigured cloud services. Many businesses have to rely on the security controls set up by their cloud service provider. Unless there are clear communications between your CSP and users, misconfiguration can easily occur, leading to insecure elements and data being created in your cloud infrastructure.

Unauthorised access, malware, and DDoS attacks

Cybersecurity threats to your hosted cloud storage are more than just unauthorized access from hackers or malicious external actors. If your cloud storage isn’t secure your business systems are at risk of malware injections, DDoS attacks, and more. Many of these threats further weaken security, creating a snowball effect that leaves both your cloud-hosted and on-site systems extremely vulnerable.

No due diligence

A lack of due diligence when planning, designing, and deploying your cloud-based infrastructure can leave your business incredibly vulnerable. Many technical security weaknesses in cloud infrastructures can be traced back to businesses failing to lay out clear objectives and goals, correctly assess their resources and needs, or take the time necessary to create appropriate cloud policies. 


Immervox has been providing secure IT storage and network infrastructure to UK businesses for nearly three decades. We’ve been assisting businesses with their cloud needs since the technologies first became available on the UK market. There are many reasons we’re a trusted provider of secure cloud storage for hundred of businesses UK wide. 

End-to-end encryption as standard

The best business cloud storage will offer end-to-end encryption, and our cloud storage solutions are no exception. As a minimum, all our data is encrypted to AES 256 standard. 

Further encryption is used during transfer and storage, with extra protections available for businesses that handle especially confidential data like government or financial records.

Arrange a better ISP

The UK has many regulatory laws that guarantee a standard of security and safety for all data stored on UK soil. 

That’s why we’ll never outsource our datacentres overseas to cut costs. All of our hosted cloud services rely on secure, UK based, Tier 3 datacentres.

A network reconfiguration to eliminate signal cutout

Data recovery is an essential component of your business continuity. Our automated daily backup keeps your business-critical data secure and recoverable at a moments notice. 

Our cloud-based streamlined processes ensure that demand on your internet connection is kept to a minimum, freeing up your bandwidth. 


These are just some of the benefits of choosing Immervox as a cloud services partner, and ways we can bring the benefits of secure hosted cloud storage to your business. No matter your sector we’ll be able to create a bespoke, robust disaster recovery plan that perfectly fits your business needs.

As well as secure cloud storage services, we’ve specialised in telecoms, data, broadband, and IT solutions for almost three decades. We’ve been a trusted partner to over 600 businesses in this time due to our commitment to putting the needs of you and your business first.


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