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Why you need a cutting-edge network for your business

Modern communications and connectivity technology has unlocked unprecedented levels of productivity and growth for businesses across the UK. With new technologies and solutions becoming available with each month that passes, there is never a time when upgrading your network won’t bring significant gains.

  • Fibre connections for higher internet speeds than ever before
    Many businesses don’t invest in upgrading the analogue and copper cables in their premises. Modern fibre cable alternatives are faster, more secure, and can travel further than the analogue copper networks many businesses still rely on. With a fibre-based data network, you can enable download and upload speeds of GBps as opposed to MBps.
  • Cloud services eliminate maintenance costs and enable flexibility
    Moving services to the cloud from expensive to maintain on-site servers and storage saver UK businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds every year. Upgrading the hardware components in your network to a cloud-based solution not only saves money but unlocks previously unheard of levels scalability and flexibility.
  • Unified Comms keeps your employees connected any time, any place
    UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) is taking the telecoms and communications sector by storm. It’s easy to see why. Businesses using this revolutionary service model have found the dawn of the Work From Home era to be a stress and hassle-free experience. Upgrading to a UCaaS based network will free your staff, empowering them to work from anywhere at any time without disruptive connection issues. 


Outdated network infrastructure is an obstacle to the growth and success of your business. The tech gap between you and your competitors can be why they’re out manoeuvring you. Revitalising your essential network infrastructure could be the first step towards becoming the market leader you deserve to be. 

New technologies enter the market every day

As a successful business leader, you keep your focus on the markets and sectors relevant to your business. 

If this isn’t telecoms or IT related you may not be aware of some of the cost-saving and productivity-enhancing solutions currently on the market. Upgrading your network end-to-end is a prime opportunity to bring the tools your employees rely on into the 21st century.

Slow unreliable broadband cripples productivity

Connectivity issues cost UK office workers 44 minutes per week of lost productivity, and this figure skyrockets to 30 minutes per day for remote and home workers. The financial impact of this on the UK economy is a staggering £11bn per year. 

Upgrading to a reliable superfast broadband network ensures that your business isn’t unnecessarily bleeding productivity and revenue.

Unscalable networks turn growth into a setback

Speed and security aren’t the only ways modern networks improve on legacy infrastructure. Technologies like cloud services, VOIP systems, and UCaaS managed services are highly scalable.

Older networks tend to be hardware heavy. Increasing the size or capacity of the network as you grow can be a huge expense, meaning many businesses opt to simply try and get more users on the same network (crippling their connections). With to-the-user or to-the-gigabyte scaling available on many modern solutions, this becomes a thing of the past. 


At Immervox, we’ve been designing and implementing enterprise-grade network infrastructures for UK businesses for nearly three decades. Our team of expert solutions architects, engineers, and support technicians are experienced with networks of all shapes and sizes, for businesses in nearly every sector. 

Powerful connectivity at streamlined costs

We pride ourselves on putting the growth and success of our customer at the heart of every bespoke solution we provide. 

We’ll consult with you and your teams to assess the needs of your business and create the most appropriate solution. With Immervox you can expect a fast, reliable connection without any unwanted or unnecessary bells and whistles.

Guidance and leadership from technical experts

Every member of the Immervox team is an expert in their field. We’ll be able to identify the best components to build your solution. 

Whether you need temporary internet for a building site or a UCaaS solution that keeps your fleet of long-haul delivery drives connected, the Immervox team will create a cutting edge solution that modernises your business.

Scalable solutions to suit your changing needs

Every bespoke Immervox solution is fully scalable. As your business grows and changes over time you can upscale your new network infrastructure without worrying about expensive additional installation costs. 

Whether it’s setting up a new router in an additional location, or adding more terabytes to your hosted storage, we commit ourselves to our flexible and scalable pricing plans. 


These are just some examples of the ways Immervox can design and implement a new network that will enhance the business value of your communications and connectivity infrastructure. All of our customers are different, and so every solution we provide is bespoke and fully tailored to your exact needs.

We’ve specialised in telecoms, data, broadband, and IT solutions for almost three decades. We’ve been a trusted partner to over 600 businesses in this time due to our commitment to putting the needs of you and your business first.

Your Immervox solution won’t just be a list of products and services. As an Immervox customer, you’ll have access to our full partner  experience:


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