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We want it to be easier for staff to work from home

Why you need to invest in a WFH-ready infrastructure

Making sure working from home is a productive and maintainable model for your business takes thought and preparation. As many businesses found during the UK’s national lockdowns, maintaining business continuity and minimising the disruption of moving to WFH takes more than simply enabling remote access. 

  • It makes remotely managing teams and workflows possible
    You can’t manage a team or track progress with lengthy email chains. Whilst there’s no alternative that will truly replace face-to-face mentoring and leadership, effective remote management is possible with the right systems and tools.
  • It enables collaboration for your workforce
    If you want your staff to collaborate as effectively outside the office as they can within it, you’ll need a way to facilitate the sharing of ideas. Investing in an IT infrastructure that is WFH-ready ensures your employees have access to the messaging, communication, filesharing, and task assignment tools they need to collaborate and succeed.
  • It restores visibility to your business
    If your business isn’t equipped for remote teams then you lack visibility of what happens outside of your on-site infrastructure. Keeping track of your business when your staff are working from home is possible with the advanced analytics and metrics platforms currently available for businesses like yours. If your IT and connectivity infrastructure isn’t WFH-ready utilising them will be challenging at best. 


2020 saw many businesses that had never considered staff working from home suddenly employing a remote workforce. 86% of people working from home in 2020 did so as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. If remote teams weren’t on your agenda before restrictions closed your office there’s a strong chance your current IT infrastructure might not be suited for your new business needs.

Insufficient bandwidth for company-wide remote access

Having workers remotely access your servers and on-site storage puts a strain on your internal network. Even if workers are connecting through a VPN they’ll be adding traffic to your network. 

If your current company internet doesn’t have sufficient bandwidth to handle the increase in simultaneous external connections speeds will drop (or staff will be unable to connect at all).

Security stops at the office doors

The rapid adoption of WFH left many IT departments scrambling to implement new security policies and protocols (in some cases overnight). 

Whilst many have risen to the challenge, there have been many cases of cut corners and ‘quick fix’ security solutions implemented. This has left many businesses incredibly vulnerable. If your IT infrastructure isn’t WFH-ready you could be relying on insecure services that expose your business-critical data.

Your staff rely on poor hardware

If your staff rely on unreliable or outdated hardware the increased connectivity demands of WFH can turn their tools into massive productivity drains. Investing in WFH hardware as part of your business IT infrastructure is becoming common practice amongst UK companies.

Investing in purpose-procured hardware like laptops, dongles, mobile devices, and routers for your WFH staff gains back the hours lost to inappropriate hardware.


WFH may be the norm because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but businesses had been getting ready for the WFH revolution years before 2020. At Immervox we’d already helped dozens of our customers get their infrastructure WFH-ready prior to it being a necessity. Our team of experts know exactly what’s needed for a business to succeed in the remote access era. 

Unified communications and collaboration solutions keep staff connected

Cloud-based communications and collaboration software is key to keeping your staff connected even when they’re apart. A UCaaS solution brings the tools your employees need to any device, accessible from the comfort of their browser. 

Remote access to essential software like Office 365, messaging and filesharing platforms such as Zoom and Teams, and even VoIP and email servers can be implemented as a single, scalable monthly service.

Secure cloud services protect your data wherever it’s accessed from

By implementing a cloud storage solution, you can keep your business-critical data safe from hackers looking to exploit your WFH staff’s access to your servers. What’s more, automated backup of all files (no matter their point of origin) ensures that your business continuity is secure even with a geographically spread workforce. 

Our UK based Tier-3 data centres are the perfect way to keep your business-critical data backed up and secure when your staff are working from home.

Business hardware solutions for the office and home

A robust WFH-ready infrastructure relies on suitable hardware. We’ll ensure that your staff have access to the laptops and mobile devices they need, with a reliable connection that minimises downtime and lost productivity. We can also provide mobile dongle inclusive broadband packages for 1-10,000 users, scalable at a moments notice. 

Many employees rely on consumer-grade broadband for their business needs. Our solutions can ensure that they have access to enterprise-grade connectivity in their home office. 


These are just some examples of the ways Immervox can get your business WFH-ready and create the infrastructure necessary for sustainable remote working. No matter the needs of your business we’ll ensure that your bespoke solution brings the benefits of remote working without the challenges.

We’ve specialised in mobile, telecoms, data, broadband, and IT solutions for almost three decades. We’ve been a trusted partner to over 600 businesses in this time due to our commitment to putting the needs of you and your business first.

Your Immervox solution won’t just be a list of products and services that keep you, your business, and your staff connected. As an Immervox customer, you’ll have access to our full partner  experience:


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